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Article Spinning

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Article Spinning

Hi there i mananged to spin a article using google translate,

I had a orignal copy and changed it round in different languages and back to english,
Wow it does provide a unique content it past copyscape site and i submitted in it to some directories.

Do you suggest this is a good idea and carry on doing it........................
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I would assume the quality and readability would be crap.

Depends what you are using it for I guess, although I prefer quality always...
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Hi g1akhtar,

Do you mean you translated an article using Google Translate? Spinning an article means coming out with another version of the same article in the same language.

Translating an article into another language does not make it unique, it only makes your article understandable in that other language. You will not also see the translated article in copyscape because then, it might have a different meaning as it has been translated to another language.

We have an article spin tool in the Premium members area that you might want to use instead of Google Translate.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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hi, i have to agree.. that resulting article will be rubbish.

i still suggest you invest in TBS and just do simple '2 best synonyms' replacement if youre in a hurry... (that works ok in senuke social network posting)
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