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Are websites built for you if you have Affilorama Premium?

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Are websites built for you if you have Affilorama Premium?

Does the premium subscription actually build a website for you if you are having lots of trouble doing it yourself?
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No, they do not build a website for you, however they have video instruction with enough detail that you should be able to do it on your own by referring back to the videos.

If a snag occurs and you become stumped there is someone on the forum that should be able to assist you. It is good to know how to build a website before you farm it out to someone else.

Good luck - learning is a wonderful adventure.
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affilorama premium doesnt build a site for you but does include the blogging bootcamp which shows you how to build a site from scratch, step by step, using wordpress (free blogging and content managment system). Alternatively, check out affiloblueprint which shows you how to build a static site using xsitepro (and wordpress) in more detail.

Another option would be to pay someone to build the site for you, but I would recommend that you build at least one yourself so that you know what it involves. With the training available here you will definately be able to succeed.

Good luck mate
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