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Are the images from Google free?

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Are the images from Google free?

Because I had used them but sometimes I don´t know if they are really free or maybe they have rights.
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actually, not all images are free. however, use advanced image search (click the gear shaped Icon and select advanced search from the dropdown) and one of the options is for USAGE Rights.

one of the options in that is "free to use, share or modify, even for commercial use"

These are pretty much okay to use for your business, otherwise, you are taking a chance of using copyrighted material.
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Great advice from James. :)

I also suggest you try to search for websites that supply royalty-free images like StockExchange.

I hope that helps!

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Hi lcortezbarcelo,

It's best to get images for your site on sites like iStockPhoto where you are given rights to use the images. Most of the time for free, and for some images, for a minimal fee. There's StockExchange which Mary has suggested and PhotoDune as well.

If there's a particular image you want to use from Google Images that is copyrighted then you can get in touch with the owner and ask for permission to use it.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Hi Cortez,

I use http://sxc.hu (as Mark suggests in the AffiloBlueprint course).

iStockPhoto has high quality images but they are quite pricey. It's best to use images from this service for header design or e-book cover design.

For the normal blog post, I use Stock.XCHNG thought the quality is not as great as iStockPhoto (but they are free as long as you notify the owner and give proper credit).

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I prefer http://www.dreamstime.com for stock. It's pricy, but the quality and variety are top notch.

Hope this helps....
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