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Are successful affiliates using same methods ?

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Are successful affiliates using same methods ?

Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I've been poking around the net for a while, and I've noticed that some people are making really big money.

I wanted to ask, is someone like Pat Flynn considered to be an affiliate marketer ? What about Stephan Polyarinos ? From what I can see, almost everyone is struggling to make a bit of cash, and then these guys are killing it. Are these guys using the same methods as everyone else ? What are they doing that gets these incredible results ? How are they doing this ?
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I am not familiar with Pat Flynn or Stephan Polyarinos. But what I can say is that there are a lot of successful affiliate marketers out there. The saying: "There are a lot of roads to success" is true in all aspects, including affiliate marketing.

I also believe that all of the available courses out there are effective since it has already been tested. However, success does not only depend on the strategy, more importantly, success lies on one's attitude and mind setting- how one pursues success no matter what the cost is, how hard things may be, and how many attempts one has to take to get there :)
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I agree with Mary. There are many successful Internet/Online Marketers out there. When I started out I was also overwhelmed by all the information out there. I did make one big mistake: I visited IM forums. I was scared by a lot of the negative chats and "scam" alerts posted on these forums.

Today, I only hang out at Warrior Forum and I focus on my business. If you want to truly succeed in this business, decide what you want to do, put your head down and focus, ask for help if you need it and you will sure succeed.

Good luck
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I can tell you that as an affiliate marketer you would tend to stick to any advertising method that gets you the desired results. I would do the same. If free classifieds give me the desired results I would like to stick to them. I think this is true in the case of many advertisers as well. Any comment?
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Pat Flynn is an affiliate marketer. I don't know about Stephen Polyarinos.

Based on the last time I read Pat's blog, he makes most of his income through being an affiliate for hosting. He writes tutorials on internet marketing on his blog and then promotes the tools using his affiliate links. So he makes the majority of his income teaching other people how to make money online - but he does have his own niche sites in other niches than internet marketing.

But there are other guys making a bigger killing than Pat. Pat is the one you see on the surface - the ones you don't see on the surface are the big major players. They don't surface because they don't want to display how much money they are pulling in per month (some affiliates I know spend millions of dollars in advertising alone - imagine how much revenue they make!).

There are many different methods to be successful with affiliate marketing. Keep experimenting until you find one that works for you, and then focus on that one strategy until you master it. For me, leveraging SEO to get traffic to affiliate offers is what works for me and I am focusing on that strategy.

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