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Are my opt-in results typical?

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Are my opt-in results typical?

I have only recently started with AffiloJetPack and I have boosted a couple of posts in Facebook with my free ebook offer (which links to my squeeze page). The ad is targeted to the US and UK. I included a Bitly link on the ad so I could see how many people were clicking on the link.

So far there are only 17 (although to be fair, I am working on a small budget in FB to test). Out of these 17, only 1 person has opted in.

I check Fluttermail several times per day, so I don't think anyone opted in, got the free book, then opted out. My ads are very clear as to what the free ebook is about, so it's not like the ad was misleading or vague.

I just wanted to know if others have seen people clicking on their link in their FB ad, but not doing anything. I appreciate I have not targeted thousands of people, but just wondering if this is normal.

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Hi Jill,

17 = 1 in my opinion is normal since 17 clicks is too small of a number to begin with when you are testing your opt-in rate. You may get desirable/better results around 100 clicks (perhaps). This is not guaranteed though as there are still a lot of factors that can contribute to the opt-in rate.

If you have a small budget, it is best to vary you ways of promoting your website. You need to get as many sources of traffic as possible. You can try the free ways like SEO and social media marketing.
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Hey Wasey,

I never used Facebook for my paid campaigns but some other useful and targeted methods which have boosted my traffic, ranking and leads by spending very little amount, because just like you mentioned I was also not strong financially in the begining but wanted to be grab some success.

My suggestion to you is, try to use little but effective paid marketing sources where you can very easily grab some good results by targeting the region which you want. Also use free sources as well, like community forums (Small ones not Giants where every guru is running in the race), traffic exchange, mail blasters, Try Joint Ventures with other Fellow Marketers who have subscription option active on their blogs/websites etc.

I hope it will produce some good results for you in coming days.
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If you want more traffic and opt-ins for your list, Solo ads are a really good option to try because:

1. You can target lists from similar sites to your own, so you know they're already interested in your niche topic
2. You know they don't mind being on a mailing list because they're already on one

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the lesson here: http://www.affilorama.com/marketing-ideas/email-marketing/how-to-get-traffic-and-leads-with-solo-ads

I think you'll find it eye-opening :)

All the best!
- Gina
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