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Are Facebook post a good traffic source?

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Are Facebook post a good traffic source?

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if any of you have tried posting on popular FaceBook pages related to your niche to get backlinks to your website?

I started doing this about a week ago. One of my sites (in the health niche) has its own FB page so I searched for popular weight loss & health FB pages and just made a simple post about one of my weight loss or health articles and I left a link to my article at the end of my post.

Im testing this with one of my sites and only posting on one other health/weight loss FB page

My findings are that my traffic has gone up more than 4 times what it used to be. (its pretty amazing!). This has not yet created sales but I have gotten email sign ups and likes and comments on the health FaceBook page that I posted on.
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Yes, Facebook and other social media sites are a great way to get traffic to your site. The following posts can give you more information on how to better promote your site in Facebook:

Is Facebook Advertising Right for Affiliate Marketing?
Article Marketing on Facebook

Hope that helps. Have a good weekend!
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Facebook blocks all affiliate links so what you did (post/create a fan page) is correct! :)

It's great that you are seeing a lot of traffic to your site because of posting helpful comments. I'm sure if you keep building your relationships with your visitors, this will eventually result in more sales.

All the best!
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yep, building a fan page is great for any site. I would recommend having one for each site that you build, or a least each niche.

Engaging on social media is a great way to build your brand within just about any niche. Also, I find that the more I share other sites within the niche, the more I get back. Also, don't just post links. Engage your audience by asking questions, sharing useful tips, and sharing other people's blog posts and articles that you find really helpful.

The more you engage, the more traffic you will get.
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