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Are Affiloblueprint content materials up to date?

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Are Affiloblueprint content materials up to date?

All the posts I see are from 2015 and a few from 2016.. Are there any for 2017 or did I purchase something that is old/out of date? I just want some help to start without a website NOW since funds are limited. From viewing the videos I should be able to start making $$ now even without a website. Obviously getting a site is in the future but for now I gotta got with what I got now....Please help. thanks
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Hi Lynn,

Yes, the lessons are updated since 2016. Although the materials are not updated this year, everything are still good and applicable to this date. We have a dedicated content staff who constantly overlooks and updates all the things that need updating in the course.

I suggest you start aheead with he video lessons. Follow each step as you go. And if you have questions, please email support staff at this link here: https://www.affilorama.com/contact
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Hi Lynn,

If your funds are limited you need to have the time to grind. Having said that, if you want to get started without a website I will suggest the following:
1. Create a Facebook Page around the topic you want to build a following/community on.
2. Create a Facebook Group for your Facebook Page topic/niche
3. Do not promote anything right away, just keep writing helpful content, posting helpful articles from other sites but do not promote anything right away.
4. Join forums and make sure your signature has an invitation to join your Facebook Page and Facebook Group. In the forums you also need to be helpful and not promote anything right away.
5. Once you have built a following on your FB page and group, and once you've helped a lot of people in the forum then you can start promoting offers.

Good luck!
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