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Anyone recovered from the recent panda update?

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Anyone recovered from the recent panda update?

Has any of your sites recovered from the panda update? Mine are slipping further and further down the rankings even with new content and backlinks. I even got rid of all affiliate links for the time being. The penalty seems random to me. My other sites that have similar content with similar backlinks are going up the serps. /shrug
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I use RankTracker to monitor all of our websites. Google's Panda has only had a positive affect on the sites. RankTracker has indicated that the websites visibility is up from 2% to 15%. The program is set to monitor the sites on a weekly basis.

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I'm trying to figure out how to express what I'm thinking .... ??? Ah, ok, Okay, here it is...

Have I recovered from the Google Panda updates?

Yes, I've adjusted my thinking. I was hating on the Panda big time until about 2 weeks ago. Now I no longer fear the Panda because I've adjusted my thinking to go with the Panda flow. I've written several articles on the Google Panda update including one that talks about how we should no longer worry about "exact match" anchor text linking and instead work on anchor text variants.

It's rather enlightening reading posts about SEO from Google's rep, Matt Cutts. So, now I'm quite fond of the new Panda algorithm. :)
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Unfortunately, there isn’t an instant fix for Panda recovery but making sure you are following SEO best practices seems to be the best way.

Google also recommends evaluating your site extensively.Try to use the Diagnostic Tool in the Google Webmaster Tools and select HTML suggestions to view content issues Google found. This tool will display issues such as duplicate/short meta tags, duplicate titles, etc. You can click on any one of the issues to view the specific pages where Google has identified an issue. If Google has flagged a content as having an issue, then fixing the issue would help boost your ranking.

Also check your sites performance in Webmaster Tools. Click Labs and select Site Performance. With Panda’s focus on providing users with high quality sites, a slow load time could cause a decrease in rank. You can also view load time for each page on your site to determine if this is a site wide issue or just a problem for particular pages.

Google’s Webmaster Tools is very helpful in figuring out where to begin making changes to your site. Try to resolve any issues Google has found. Fixing those will help your site recover.

An article from web pro news also said that more sites are recovering from Panda.
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