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Anyone good at Article Marketing?

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Anyone good at Article Marketing?

i been trying this internet marketing for a while but no success...
so i have one question..So IF your not good at writing articles for your websites you cant make money??

i failed with possibly everything but i tried this and also failed and its very Difficult...Any suggestions
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Hi Luis,
If you are not good at writing articles then you might think about outsourcing them.
There are lots of article writers who can write about any niche you like on elance, craigslist, etc.. even members here on the forum.
You say you have failed but I think when people say this it is not the fact that they have failed, they just have given up or have been given the wrong information or maybe even a piece of the jigsaw puzzle is missing.
Internet marketing is a strange and funny business at times.
What works for one person may not work for another.
You need to keep at it. Some people go years without having any real success and then the next 12 months something changes in them or the penny drops and they start to make some good money.

I also suggest to people that if you are not making money and you are looking at internet marketing as being your only source of income then I suggest to people to get a casual, part time or full time job.
That way, you can make things easier on yourself by having some money to outsource and test things out for yourself.
We are all here to help each other out.. so I hope you keep going and I wish you every success.

I certainly don't class anyone as a failure unless they give up totally on life.
Some people are good at some things and other people are good at internet marketing.
I have tried a few things in my life and was terrible at them..so I gave them up.
But that doesn't mean I have failed, it just means I needed to look at what was right for me and what I enjoyed.
hope you keep your chin up.

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I agree with Troy, the only way to really fail is to give up. Failure is a choice you make.

It is hard work, but it is also rewarding. There are loads of ways to get traffic without writing articles, but honestly, they take just as much work. there is no easy path to success, otherwise everyone would do it.
What is stopping you from writing articles? I find that most people simply don't know what makes a good article. Don't get hung up on all that crap you learned in school. that is one thing that stops most people from writing,

Honestly, what makes a good school paper doesn't make a good article.
Aside from outsourcing, you can also use PLR articles, Public domain, search blogs and other websites, etc...

I usually tell people, if you can hold a 2-3 minute conversation about your niche, you can write an article. IF you can't even hold a logical conversation for that long, you need to really consider if you are in the right niche.
When I started, I used Audacity to record myself talking about my topics, then transcribe those recordings for articles. Now, I cut out the middle step of recording and use speech to text software to dictate my content directly to text.
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Each 'failure' is just a stepping stone that is getting you closer to your goal.

When you say you have been doing it for 'quite a while' how long are we talking? So many fail to see results in the first 3, 6 or even 12 months and give up. But sometimes it can take us that long to learn everything that we need to to get a great site together.

It is interesting watching many members as they come and go - some stick with article marketing, some go with social marketing, some take the plunge and go with CPA and paid traffic.... but others go into the service industry and make a great living submitting articles, writing articles, creating graphics and sites for others.

As Troy said - just keep working away and pushing through barriers - maybe IM isn't for you, but you will never know your potential if you stop now :o)
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You need to be passionate about what you're doing and be determined if you want to succeed in any business. If you love everything about affiliate marketing except the content creation, you could outsource your articles. There are a few members who are offering their services in the Affilorama Services Forum.

All the best!
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