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Anyone go to uni?

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Anyone go to uni?

Hey guys,

Lately I've been finding (in Australia it's coming closer to exam period for schools/unis) less and less time to work on my business. Instead needing to put in work for uni subjects. I'm just questioning whether or not university is worth it anymore, especially if I don't plan on using it.

Anyone here currently AT uni? Or did uni? I know a few already who did, and currently aren't even using it... How much easier would life be without those student debts?
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I am.. I dont know how much you all need to pay there in total but its around 30k$ herefor school fees and then probably 10-20k more for travelling and daily expenses so that adds up to around 40,000 - 50,000$ in total (For the whole of 4 years)

yea i dont really see any point in doing it either but since my parents are the ones paying for it and they would nag if i didnt im jus going through the motion and aiming to get at least a pass, not get kicked out and just be done and over with it lol...

but i would say if u have the time now and money you should just complete it if you already have been through a few months or a year, u never know when it might come in handy in the future.. if the debt is like something you can repay in 1-2 years its still ok, but if you think your debt is gonna take 10 years to clear then of course you gotta rethink about that..
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I have graduate-level (or above) qualifications in arts, science and commerce and find these useful. My arts courses (in theology) have given me the skills to write really well and think critically. On the other hand, my science and commerce subjects (economics, mathematics and statistics) have given me the ability to think logically, construct and analyse systems, and to interpret results. I don't know how I would do Internet marketing without these skills.
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Hey Ashton,

To be honest, I've found there really is no right answer to this.

I, for one, stuck around Uni for two years, realized I didn't have the attention span to make proper use of it at the time, and decided I didn't want to keep racking up student loan, so I left, went looking for fulltime work, and wound up working for Affilorama :D :D.

(It also turned out to be excellent timing, since we got struck by the horrendous earthquakes, which threw the local university's study and exam year into complete and utter disrepair this year; all my student friends have been under an excessive amount of stress, which I'm glad I've managed to avoid)

Anyway, I've realized in retrospect that I actually did gain a lot of skills from my courses in terms of actual knowledge and planning in the couple of years I was there, and I am reconsidering re-attending after the end of next year (though plans are always fluid). At the same time, I know I have many friends who have graudated uni who are doing things *completely unrelated* to what they graduated with. (However, that's not to say the critical thinking and knowledge they gained in their studies aren't useful in some way)

To be honest, I've found, it doesn't really matter what you choose to do, as long as you are firm about your decision. If you end up being wishy-washy, you'll end up in a worse position than you were; if you make a firm decision, and remain driven about either sticking with Uni and graduating (and working on your business on the side), or leaving uni and focusing on your business (or working), you'll end up finding it won't really matter what you chose - either choice has a positive outcome (degree, job opportunities on one hand, own business on the other), they're just different positive outcomes.

I hope at least some of that makes some sense >_>
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I did go to a university and like Greg and Jonathan, gained a lot of skills. I don't necessarily need all those skills but I have them and could use them anytime I want to.

The good thing about going to uni is you get a lot of options. Plus it also gives you direction. Of course you have to love what you're doing otherwise you probably won't be able to finish your course.
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It's a different scenario here as parents here shoulder all expenses for sending their children to a college or university. Although there are scholarships and grants, we don't have what you'd call student loans here. Or none during my time. :)

I did go to university. Took up a major that was far apart from what I really wanted to study. (As I mentioned, parents here will take care of the expenses, but they have a say on what you're going to take up). I got to learn a lot and gained new skills as well as strengthened what I already have.

It was fun but sometimes I feel that I could have gotten more out of the time I spent at university.
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I guess, I am the odd ball here. I went for 1 semester, never went back. I went to work instead. Most of the people I know who did go say it really wasn't worth the money. I guess you get out of it what you put into it, just like anything in life.

Some of the most successful people that I know didn't finish university, so, I think it is something you should do only if you want to. Don't let anyone else tell you what choices to make in your life. Parents are always trying to push their kids in the direction that THEY want them to go. Don't be their puppet. be your own person and choose your own path in life.

If you WANT the experience, it can be great. however, don't fall into the false belief that you have to go to university in order to be successful. You don't. I have learned many of the same skills mentioned above through self education (libraries are a wonderful thing!). You have to be dedicated to the task to do it on your own, but you can also focus your studies on things that actually interest you instead of sitting through hours of boring courses that drive you insane.

If you want to go to university, I would focus on business management and marketing course of studies, if you want to make IM your full time business. Those kind of studies will teach you things that you can actually apply to your online business, and so there will be a connection there. I would also recommend looking into some studying of psychology since a lot of Sales copy and good marketing is all about understanding people's wants and desires, and how they think.

I am always reading new stuff about marketing, business planning, psychology, as well as reading stuff on the topics of my niche markets. I also read a ton of stuff on interpersonal relationships, and how people interact with each other. this is really beneficial especially if you do a lot of direct, social media marketing.

Self education is hard work, but it saves a fortune, especially if you are using free resources such as a public library.

I have even done product reviews off of books I got at the library (does that count as a free review copy? should I disclose in my reviews " I didn't purchase this book, I got it from the library" for the ftc? okay back on topic here...)

If you have a good library system, you can find loads of new stuff as well as some old school stuff. Since I want to be better at sales copy and marketing, I read everything on marketing I can find. some of it I agree with some of it I disagree with, but you want to expand your mind by looking at alternative points of view.
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