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Anybody using these plugins?

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Anybody using these plugins?

Hey, I was recently on a forum and saw this link which brought me here:


Can anyone confirm that is good software? Does it really do what it says? I upload the plugins and sell the blog/wordpress?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Caleb,

Whenever I want to find out if something is effective, I only do two things: either I check out the forums/reviews about the product or I test it myself. I think doing the second option is better because what may come as okay for the others may not be the same for you.
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I checked it out and the promises it makes are quite appealing....but so do a lot of internet marketing ads...I can't find a review about it anywhere, and that's not good, because it only means not too many people have actually used it yet, or don't really want to talk about it......my opinion is, if a product is good, you'll find glowing reviews everywhere.....(ex. try doing a google search on affilorama, or on wordpress)......I won't pay for something which is untested, and sounds too good to be true.....I also don't think automating your posts is actually a good idea...sure it saves you a lot of work, but you will be sacrificing the quality of your content in return....
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As you know this is auto-blogging software that's designed to grab content off of niche market sites or syndication feeds, then post to your blog as well as 30 social bookmarking services (facebook, twitter, etc.).

Never heard of this particular one, but I purchased a program similar to this one. a few weeks ago, Mark had a webcast where he was promoting that Auto Blog Samurai software that was supposed to do the same stuff this claimed. I paid 80 bucks for that one but have since scrapped it. The example he showed was too simplistic for the reality, which is that you have still manually go through and edit all those feeds you get because the software can pull up some crazy content.

The software I bought claimed that you can avoid duplicate content by just translating the content from english to let's say japanese, then back to english. Well Google may deem that 'original content' but you will have to go and maually edit every post because of translation errors.

To make a long story short, nothing automated about the software...For the money its just too hands on and does not free up any more time like it promised.

You can rest assured that this software is no different.
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