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Any opinions about the Shareasale affiliate program?

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Any opinions about the Shareasale affiliate program?

Has anyone used the ShareASale affiliate program or heard others talk about it? Appreciate positive or negative opinions about it. I'm considering signing up. Thanks.
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I use them they are good
Not all the programs are automatically approved, some you need to apply to
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I used them in the past for a forex product, and I received my check.

Sharesale is legitimate. They also have some CPA offers, and as said above, you need to be approved sometimes.

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I think if you want to be using publishers like linkshare and sharesale you will want to sign up as soon as you can because I think a lot of merchants will not let you market as a new marketer. You will need a good website and a website address for most of these.I typed in merchant publishers in google and there are over a hundred out there. I got into Pepperjam network and they have over 900 partners. They have a really good store builder I used to build an website that's just an online catalog and I still get a few sales from it. the whole site only took a few hours.
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They are ok. Did not make so many sales in order to receive a check. But also I only use 4 stores from them Looking to integrate more from them.
Any way only good news I've heard about them.
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I have a few products that are done through them. they aren't that bad really. I like them because some of the programs I signed up with have both their product and a CPA offer, so even if I dont get a sale, I still get paid if they sign up for the newsletter.
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