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Any Group Discount?

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Any Group Discount?

Hi all,

After looking through the 12 modules in the AffiloBlueprint 2.0, I think below are some of the tools that we could possibly consider buying/subscribing to...

One-off payment:
- Traffic Travis Pro
- XSitePro

Monthly subscription:
- PGB (AMA is included)
- Aweber

For AffiloBlueprint's members, may I know whether is there any way Mark could help secure or arm-twist special discount for us, esp. PGB which is rather hefty at $147/mth.
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Forgive my for being naive, but are you just asking for a Affiloblueprint member discount on the items listed?

The only ones i think Mark could possibly get a discount on would be

Traffic Travis - As its his own product
PGB - As its offered as an upsell by Affilorama

The rest are all extrenal programs which would be quite hard to get a discount on.

Also Traffic Travis free version is ample for the majority of members anyway so not sure why you would want the pro version
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Kind Regards
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Hi - Just my $.02...Mark, even with external programs, when you have a large group of people in a training class and they are all going out to buy this one product, (e.g. Xsitepro) often times the guru who is teaching the class can get a group discount.

I was actually hoping for the same thing myself.
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