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Any feedback on email list generators?

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Any feedback on email list generators?

Am a now member of afilorama and also trying to make some bucks online. I came across this article preaching about email list generators and how you can use them to drive traffic, especially Acute Emails IDs production Engine. So I just wanto know if anybody knows if the software does what it says it does. Anyone with experience on email generators pls reply
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I would be cautious when dealing with people who sell these email lists. Half the time, the list does not match your target audience so you don't really get good value-for-money.

You might also see a high unsubscribe rate from these generated lists. Since these lists are auto-generated, it's possible that the people on it didn't confirm to opt-in to the list, so they will not recognize you or your newsletters and eventually unsubscribe.

Hope that helps. All the best!
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I will appreciate Cecille , answer is perfect,because the lists are auto generated ,in this case we can not estimate how many accounts are active or what is the interest of people holding those email accounts.
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