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Antivirus program detects modification to Traffic Travis?

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Antivirus program detects modification to Traffic Travis?

Every once in a while my antivirus program kaspersky pops up and says, "Potentially dangerous modification of Traffic Travis Setup". I don't know what that's all about so I just click block. I do have traffic travis but I am not using it when this pops up.

At first I thought maybe it's just trying to download updates, but why would it say Traffic Travis Setup. I have already been through the setup. The program is installed so why would I keep getting updates trying to modify the setup. Does anyone know what this is all about?
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Do you have Traffic Travis 3 or Traffic Travis 4?

The AffiloRama staff over the last several weeks have been making quite a few upgrades and fixes to Traffic Travis 4.

A few weeks ago I also received one upgrade for TT version 3 Professional.

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The warning that you received may be due to the settings of your security software (which is probably set to high).

We would like to assure you that Traffic Travis is clean and does not contain any malware of any kind whatsoever.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.
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My antivirus is Avast and I used to have the same problem with Traffic Travis 4, but I only get a warning from my antivirus when Traffic Travis is about to install an update. I chose to open Traffic Travis normally, then went into my antivirus and checked if Traffic Travis is in the Allow list. That solved the issue for me.
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