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An Oldie Newbie!!

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An Oldie Newbie!!

My name is Sue. I am from northwest florida. I am so new at this internet marketing that I am confused and bewildered and of course low on funds but I am jumping in with both feet so to speak. I have been looking at alot of sites where everyone has a lot to say. I ran into Mark Ling somewhere along the way advertising jamarama or something like that and then I read he taught his father and a light bulb came off in a brain cell or two and I thought sheesh if he can learn then so can I. I am warning everyone that I will probably have alot of questions and need a little guidance and for everyone to get ready cause here I come.

Thanks for reading.

Gratefully Yours,
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hey Sue, don't worry about asking too many questions. The more questions you ask, the quicker you'll get to where you want to go.

Let us know if you need a hand,

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Glad to have you :) Have no fear, take your time with everyting, there is lots to learn. Think of everything as a learning hobby. We're here if you have any questions so ask all you want.
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Welcome to Affilorama Sue,

"confused and bewildered" .... yup, we've all been there in the beginning but you've found a great place to learn - have fun!

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Hi Sue, glad to have you here.

Like everyone has said, feel free to ask questions. We're more than happy to help. Don't forget that it takes a little patience (hard when you're low on funds!) and a lot of stubbornness (not to give up), but I'm sure you can do it.

All the best!
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Hello Sue I am in Southwest Florida!! also a new member so far it has been great . Learning with the videos really help me bacause I tend to read to fast and start daydreaming and before I now it I just wasted a bunch of time but with the videos I can stay focused and then learn what I need to do next. Hope that you will have questions that I can answer but if not it seems like there is a great group of serious knowlegable people here waiting to help.
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