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An Alternate Way to Receive Affiliate Commission Payments

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An Alternate Way to Receive Affiliate Commission Payments

I saw this on another forum and thought I would share it with the good people here, particularly those for whom receiving affiliate commissions is a challenge.

The Payoneer US Virtual Account allows cardholders who live outside the US to receive direct deposits and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments even if they do not have a US bank account.

How it works? Once approved for the virtual account Payoneer will provide you with two numbers: the routing number and the account number, which you will need to provide to a US organization that would like to send you funds. Once transferred, the funds are automatically loaded onto your Payoneer card.

International payments is a very challenging arena and Payoneer is committed to be the most innovative service provider in it. The current pilot program is open only for a selected group of cardholders for whom the source and the destination of the funds can be accurately verified.

You can send an email to tomer@payoneer.com for more details.
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That's a great resource faradina.

Thanks for sharing. As a Canadian, this could be quite helpful.

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Thanks Faradina. This info is sure healthy for us in Africa where internet marketing is gradually becoming the order of the day. I'll send a mail to tomer for additional info. zthanks once again.
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