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amazon affiliate link question

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amazon affiliate link question

hi, amazon affiliate websites gives you 4 options when you go to link a product into your website, text and image, text only, image only, and add widget

what if I didn't want any of their own ads, I want to create my own image, then insert a link to that image, and I put in there the same link that was inserted inside the code that amazon gave me in "Text only" that amazon gave me, will that do the same exact job?
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I dont have any expirance with amazon links but i am assuming it is HTML and you can edit the code so change the source of the image or just do as your said
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@asbani: Correct. The link is the important part, and (from my experience so far) isn't actually influenced by what you do with it. So if you extract the URL from the "Text Link", you can go ahead and use it anywhere (behind a redirect, for an image, etc).
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