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AMA - submitting your site to them

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I have not tried AMA and having done research have found that a lot of people have experienced slow distribution times and slow support times.

I guess until you do not try the service you won't know for sure.
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You only need to submit your site to AMA if you have a blog and you want them to put other people's spun articles on it.

Benefits - Free, unique content

Downsides - Most of the articles on AMA are not spun very well. Plus they are full of links, which if you use AMA too much, will dilute your site's link juice.
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I love AMA.

When you submit your blog to AMA you get articles dripped to your site and create external links from your website to others blogs. This can only increase your link juice. Yeah, some of the articles are poor, but you have the option of automatic approval or incoming articles or you can moderate and not approve the lousy articles.

Submit articles to AMA and links to your blog or your affiliate links to other peoples products are dripped onto other peoples blogs providing one way links to your site or your affiliate links.

You don't want massive numbers of links to your site in a short period of time and you don't want your site to go from a few pages to hundreds of pages in a short time. Rather, your site will grow slowly using AMA and it will look like a natural progression as you also grow the number of incoming links.

You can also take a spun version of your articles, add a resource box and submit it to article submission sites like ezinearticles.com.

Look at article marketing as a long term business model. It can take months before reaping the benefits. Continue to add articles to AMA and to your own website and your on your way to creating an authority site with long term business stability.

What can be better? The traffic is free. The only cost is $47 a month for AMA and you get free content for which the cost is automatically creating external links to others blogs, while others create links to you - usually from a variety of ip addresses.
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And on the other hand...

I uses AMA and love it. But there IS a downside to adding your blog to the group. Some people submit the same article over and over again so you must look the articles over before you allow them through. You can auto add articles that are a minimum of 30% changed and auto reject articles that are not.

I personally do not recommend just allowing the articles through unless you are using your blog as a booster to your main site. In that case, it doesn't matter too much if the articles are the same.

The downside is you probably want to spend time looking over each article you want to accept. other than that it's a great program.

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