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AMA please explain

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AMA please explain

Hi everyone i had a qiuck simple question about ama

So the past few months i have seen a lot of talk about ama and it seems like everyone likes it and says its a good program
so i went to the ama website to learn more about it but i still have a question.

I know its a article submission site but im still unclear what happens after you submit the articles
so can someone explain the process in a step 1,2,3.....format. 1st step is to submit the article then what happens after that? or what does ama do to the article?

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When you sign up for AMA as a paid member:

1 - You create content on your theme (e.g. you promote dog training so you write articles about dog behavior etc). You can have up to three backlinks to your site in the article.

2 - You submit the article to AMA, using their online article editor which walks you through spinning the article so it is unique.

3 - AMA publish the article to all the sites related to the theme of your article. They provide you with a count of how many sites your article has been distributed to.

4 - That's it - done! While not all backlinks are reported by Google or Yahoo! you'll see a good percentage of them, as well as pingbacks if you're using WordPress.
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I have the articles submitted to AMA set to unlimited distribution. Am I correct to understand that AMA stops sending a spun article out when all the possible spinning of the article has been done or when AMA has ran out of websites to put the spun article on? Does AMA stop before duplicating the article?
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