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Am I able to use a different theme for my blog?

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Am I able to use a different theme for my blog?

I have upgraded my website to the new affilotheme 3.2 I can add a blog to my website by creating a new category. However the theme for my blog is the same as my website and does not represent an appropriate looking blog theme. Will the upgraded affilotheme allow me to use a different wordpress theme for a blog?
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Hi ellatep, i believe that the site that you've build is already a blog considering that you are using the Affilotheme (a wordpress theme).

And i dont think making a category will create a new blog for you. If you need another blog within your exisitng site using different theme, you need to install another instance of Wordpress.

You can either create it in another folder or create a subdomain and link it from you main site:

http://subdomain.yourdomain.com/ (or)
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I agree with Elizar. If you want a blog that has a separate theme from your website, then you need to install another instance of Wordpress in your subdomain. Otherwise, you can create a category and have the blog within your current Wordpress site. But it will be sharing the same theme as the website.
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