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All advice welcome

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All advice welcome

Hi to everyone. My name is Claudio. I’m new on this forum and I want to ask you some questions. I’m reading on internet information about affiliate marketing and I’d like to join this world.

I’m looking for my best strategy to make money, considering my situation. I have already a job and I don’t want to leave it; this means that I do not have much time to dedicate to creating a site or a blog. I think of buying traffic from a DSP and to promote cellphone application, through mobile traffic. In other words, CPA campaigns.

Do you think that could be a good idea to start or there are other better ways?

Could you suggest to me some affiliate networks that accept also beginner and DSP networks where I can buy my traffic?

Thank you very much
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you can start social media campaign to promote your traffic , while making any campaign there are some steps which should be keep in mind, make more then four campaigns with different interest level and locations , wait for two or three days and then make analysis which campaign is providing you best results in increasing sale of your product , stop other campaigns which you think not promoting traffic toward your product , in this way you can promote your product or business by investing more on profit generating campaign.
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Hey, try growing your fortune with networks that have interstitial full-screen ads. But don't forget about recent Chrome update and comply with their requirements.
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