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Affilorama videos - Can anyone else hear funny noises?

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Affilorama videos - Can anyone else hear funny noises?

I was watching the video 1 of 90 days road map and there is some funny noise every now and then which makes it very difficult to understand what is being said.

Is it something to do with my computer or there is something I am doing wrong.

Can someone help please :roll:
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Hi faakhatri,

Funny noise, eh? I suggest that you try a different version of the video (there are actually four versions there... download or streaming versions, broadband and dialup versions) and see if the funny noise persists. If it does, it's probably you :)

Just so you know, we're currently rejigging all the content and videos in Affilorama, so hopefully there won't be any more funny noises :)

All the best,
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Hey faakhatri,

Welcome to affilorama, I hope you find it as useful as I have done.
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