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Affilorama Office Video and Staff

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Affilorama Office Video and Staff

I recently saw the video tour of the offices and all of the employees. I started to wonder why these same employees don't go through the course and make enough to quit their jobs? I mean, we are all enrolled to eventually quit working the job but it just strikes me odd that I see this and it makes me wonder. I am not making any negative comments about the course, I just recently enrolled and have been going over the resources on this site and find them really good. Who would want to be an employee at the going market rate(Las Vegas programmers may make about $60-80k year) when you have the inside track of all this info and have the potential to make so much more?? I surely wouldn't. I make decent income at my job but the potential to make so much more on the net is doable. Just a thought...
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Just My Guess.

Mark probably pays well or they are partners.

Some people work for experience or becuase they enjoy what they do.

As for me, I can't wait to tell my boss "I am not coming back if you wan't my keys and company cell phone I threw them in my front yard"
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J.C. Dean
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Good thinking :) Some of our employees do run/make money from affiliate websites or other online projects.

I guess you have to think about it from a bit bigger picture. Not everyone in life has the same desires and we all have different things that make us happy in life, its not all about money ;)

Some people prefer to work for someone and are very satisfied just working for someone else. Others (like you I'm thinking) would prefer to work for themselves and create their own business.

Its just each to their own.

Also we have a pretty cool office and lots of M&Ms to bribe them with :)

Hope this gives you a little explanation from 'behind the scenes'
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Thanks for the reply,
My intention is just to get FREEDOM from the daily grind! Money is good, I already know how much I need to replace my income so I can leave the grind. I used to work at Zappos.com for about a year until they had their first layoff. It was definitely a place where the employees really liked being there. I understand the reason about liking where you work but I have this constant desire to be my own boss. Zappos was a good learning experience and being on the finance side I saw first hand how much $$ affiliates made.
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Simon, You mean to tell me you get M&Ms, now that's just not fair... you lucky thing you...lol

May I just add, That what Simon said hit the nail on the head.

It takes a special type of person to pursue affiliate marketing full time.
You need to stay focused even when things are not going so well.

Sometimes I sit here in my office at home and one side of me thinks to itself, Maybe I would be better off with that 50k+ a year job, it would be so much easier having that 50k piece of cheese bestowed on me from my boss... but then the other side of me, gets me around the neck and slaps me in the face a few times and says "Stay focused and rely on yourself, not a piece of cheese dangling on a string in the mouse cage."
( No offence to the Affilorama guys and people who love thier jobs )

Hey it's nice and safe in there and you know you will be fed every week... but what happens when your owner forgets to feed you? or gets bored with you and lets you go, or even if your owner decides he can't afford you anymore...

Having said that, some people love what they do and if I loved my job, then I would see no reason to quit something I love to do. I may have stuff on the side as well as my job, but everyone is different.

May I also add, I now get to see my kids everyday... before when I had a stressful corporate job working 80 hours a week, I only seen my kids for maybe 30 mins at night and maybe on every second Sunday.

I may not be making 50k plus a year, but I sure am less stressed out and I get to spend time on my marriage and family now.

Just my 2 cents.

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