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Hi all,

I am very new to this forum and to Affilorama. I have been going through the forum under different subjects, and I have to say this: I am so happy and impressed with the level of genuine concern for everybody who writes in this forum. Not only from fellow members, but from the staff as well. This is truly a unique experience when members are concerned for the well being of other members. And when the staff takes the time to give such genuine feedback. I was just reading about one of the members who has had a series of bad circumstances, and the responses were mind blowing. Such a true concern for that person....it was really really nice to see. And to see the staff step in and make suggestions and show a real concern was awesome. I was really impressed when the staff suggested not paying for any Affiliorama products until this person was able to afford it, but made some great suggestions on some areas she could get into for free......WOW. Hats off to you guys!!

I'm sold!!

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N'awww thanks Jason; there goes my quota of warm fuzzy feelings this morning.

(Don't worry, other forum members, I'll have more to give out this afternoon ^_^)

I hope you enjoy your time here - we do our best to help :P
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Ah, we're not all warm fluffy bunnies. Just earlier this week I threatened Jonathan with a slap. He cowered.

Admittedly it was because an issue for one of our valued customers had been resolved, but another issue popped up in its place. We don't just give sensible advice, we also threaten each other with physical violence on your behalf.

I guess that makes us saints :)
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