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Affiliate Training Programs

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Affiliate Training Programs

I am new to affiliate marketing but have had an interest in it for quite some time having attended many "training" webinars. My question is as follows. These "training" webinars are touted as a learn affiliate marketing or the greatest SEO methods. They usually last about an hour and a half and the content is "light". The end is always buy my program with all sorts of free product that the host could easily get many thousands of dollars for them but for a short time onlyI offer them for free. The cost of these training programs is usually somewhere around $1,497.00. My question is, of all of these training type programs out there is there one or two that are truly good and not just hype of the next greatest software out there that will make you a boatload of money. I don't mind paying something but with the plethora of training out there, where do you go to learn the craft. Thanks for your help.
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I would also like to know the answer to this question.....
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It is a good idea to read online reviews on a product you plan to buy online. I know some reviews are paid reviews or affiliate reviews but if the product is that popular, you can certainly get honest reviews in forums.
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You have to decide the best Affiliate program as per the feedback of genuine users. I agree with you that such webinars end up with - buy my programs! But it is also necessary to learn from industry experts and get practical exposure through their experiences. I can also refer you about Powerhouse Affiliate marketing Training for Beginners but before joining read out the positive valuable feedback of clients first. I will again repeat that with proper guidance and practical exposure you will get more benefits.
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Affiliate Marketing Training Course - Powerhouse Affiliate
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I am not trained in this program .I suggest for some ideas.The best Affiliate marketing training courses .Affiliate marketing & SEO Mastery for clickbank,CPA,Amazon.In this courses,you will enjoy one of the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training courses available on the web today.
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