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Affiliate Marketing Newbie - Where do I start?

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Affiliate Marketing Newbie - Where do I start?

Hello Folks!! I just signed up as member for affilorama.com. I already saw the videos from the 6 part mini-course, interesting! Ok, I'm new to this business and I think it is interesting, since I like Internet as all of you here.

Now, my question is: Where do I start? There are a lot of information to learn, I know. But what's the best way to make some profit quickly so I can get motivated and go ahead in this business? I Know a website is the way to go, but I would like to see some digits before I go through all the process of building one.

Please, all the advices will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all!!!! :wink: [/i]
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It seems you have the motivation which is good. I would suggest taking things slowly. After seven years of learning I finally "found it" through the help of this program. You are not going to become wealthy overnight. Watch all of the videos in the members area.

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I know the feeling of trying to get some cash as fast as you can, but you need to forget about that and concentrate on building a fantastic site.

Once you really get rolling, you'll be laughing :)

Like Adrian said, watch the videos first, then come and ask questions if you have any.

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There are other measures of success in this business other than profit. The profit comes a bit later, and if you're using this as your sole motivation then you might find yourself getting discouraged early.

I suggest you watch/listen to my lesson on mindset (my take on mindset) to see what I mean by goal setting. Once you've got your goals in place, it's easier to know what you need to do each day to achieve that. When you're achieving those goals it's easier to stay motivated and feel like you're getting somewhere.

Sorry I can't give you a definite "quick fix" cash-earning tip. They don't really exist. You're going to have to put the effort in somewhere -- either by spending time on your SEO, or by spending money trying to get your PPC working profitably. If there was an easier answer, we wouldn't all be here :)

All the best,
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