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Affiliate marketing in physical niches?

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Affiliate marketing in physical niches?

Hi everyone

I have been trying to get affiliate marketing to work in physical niches such as jet washes, cars, sheds etc. I have only done theoretical examples of these but when i do it seems there is no profit potential from the commissions as i want to do paid marketing not blogs, social media or SEO.

Would this be right or am i doing my working out wrong?

I tend to work it on:
1% click on banner ad
30% sign up to lead capture
2% buy front end
3% buy back ends

However when i do this with say 1000 impressions by the time i've done the above working out there are no buyers.

Is it the case that affiliate marketing does not work with paid marketing in these types of niches or is it that i have to have my own product?


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Hi Richard,

You may be promoting in the wrong places or your products simply are not that marketable online.

Have you researched and picked products that are in demand? If you are promoting physical products, it is safer to pick products that are in the vendor's list of best sellers.

Promoting physical products really require a lot of testing, especially if you are doing paid advertisement. You may want to check out: Google ads ("PPC"), email list buying, shopping portals, and banner advertising. These are few of the most usual paid marketing strategies for both digital and physical product promotions.

Also, this article post may help you along the way: http://www.koozai.com/blog/social-media ... ts-online/

Good luck!
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Physical products are tough because a lot of people want to see the product in person. Say, for example, a shed. This is something that is costly and will alter the look of their yard, so this would probably be a bit difficult to sell online, especially if there are heavy shipping costs.

The other issue I've found with physical products is the low commission rates (read: Amazon Associates). With digital products, I typically receive anywhere from 40% to 75% commissions, including promoting Affilorama which sometimes earns me close to $500 per sale. My advice is to try to stick with digital products, but if you want to go with physical products, make sure they are products that people wouldn't think twice about buying online.
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