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Affiliate marketing Gurus Exposed!

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Affiliate marketing Gurus Exposed!

Here is why I hate the term "guru"
Gurus will despise you
The only real buddies that online marketing “Gurus” have are themselves. All of them stay together in a tight little "schoolgirl" clique and chit chat about how quick it absolutely was selling their own rehashed version of last year’s product for their list of inexperienced customers yet again simply by setting up a “free plus shipping” sale. Sure, that customer received a free CD or DVD with a bunch of rubbish on it, but they tricked them into the recurring membership and the $99 upsell which is actually more as compared to what they actually made from that product initially when that piece of banana was released! Now they are poking fun at you…and laughing all the way to the bank… literally. They might nevertheless sleep at night, so they must hate you.

They’re untouchable

Newbies ought to hate the Gurus the most. Anybody that's new to Internet Marketing needs more than a Guru product. They require questions answered, ongoing support, and guidance. Typically, an internet Marketing Guru will leave you in the dust, or worse, forward you to an outsourced help desk with underpaid workers that could read solutions for your concerns originating from a set of scripts. Ask yourself these questions : what are the reasons why the Gurus do not have time to reply to a few questions if they claim to have a very lifestyle that is an absolute holiday?.

There’s an A-List
Holy banana!... a “Blogger’s A-List”. Exactly what does that imply exactly? You have access to seats that are 24 rows behind real celebs (similar to Beyonce, 50 cent ) at D-List events? C’mon? Hit any one who refers to an Internet marketer or Blogger “A-List”.

80% don’t perhaps make money with the actual tactics they sell!
This was research done by the internet’s Head Council. Eighty percent of Internet Marketing Gurus who sell Internet Marketing products don’t even generate 50% of the amount that they claim they do (using the techniques they can be selling). However, yet another review revealed that 98% of them DO make More than actually claim selling you a dream.

They take your time and hard earned income
Once you have been hypnotized by an Internet Marketing Guru, you will continue to follow and serve them. Which means that as soon as a blog posts something new, or possibly brand new tweet on twitter, you'll stop whatever you are doing to deeply consume whatever it is that these people claimed. It not only takes time away from your productivity, but it also results in loss of any kind of revenue you might have got produced after obtaining their last product.

Greed and Envy
Most of the Internet Marketing Gurus earn a bananaload more money in comparison with you. Here’s the worst aspect: A portion of those profits is your hard-earned cash, however, you maintain giving it to them nonetheless, despite the fact that their banana hasn’t functioned in your case yet! That, my pal, would likely send everyone right into a jealous fit of rage.

For you to succeed in this IM you need to stay FOCUSSED - "gurus" do not allow you this opportunity, all they do is distract you with "email booms"!..."the next best thing to hit IM"...all this banana will lead you no where. Your bank account will never look "sweet" if you keep listening to all the guru banana.

I must point out though that I love Marks style but find the emails too distracting.

Anyhow, thats my opinion but am sure most of you will agree with me.

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Reason: Cuss and you will be hit with the banana.

I'm not here to sell you anything but glad to help whenever I can only through Pivate Msg.
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Hit the unsubscibe button on the emails you don't want.

Stop useing profanity in forums.

Get some rest.
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J.C. Dean
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Call it profanity? Well, these things need to be said.
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I'm not here to sell you anything but glad to help whenever I can only through Pivate Msg.
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Hey Zenji I like your blog. And I respect your opinion about gurus. I think what you are saying is what most struggling newbies feel. I used to feel that way.

But I don't blame the "gurus" for my lack of progress. I take full responsibility for being too lazy. Lazy, because I was searching for an easy way to make money.

I'm unsubscribed from most of the lists so I can stay focused. But there are a few that I respect and still follow.
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While some of your observations are probably correct, there are some things that are going to earn you scorn.

1) Your use of the word banana. What the banana?

2) Your sensationalism. I mean... wow. You're angry about something, I can see. But you're generalizing, scaremongering, and stirring banana. You're creating villains out of people who are probably just slapdash businessmen. It's hardly like they're out there eating your firstborn.

3) You're shifting the blame. If you can't make something work, or you find yourself getting suckered by people's offers, or you find the emails to be annoying, or whatever.... unsubscribe. Stop listening. Stop buying. Get a refund. The power is in your hands. Don't act like you're the victim of their cunning ploys. It's like someone watching 3am television getting furious about the infomercials. Go to bed already.

I'm not sure what it is that has riled you up so horrifically... I would hate to be the outsourced, underpaid, overworked support person on the end of that support ticket. But banana. Take a chill pill.

And in the case that you're using this platform as a means to boost your own profile for some evil, malevolent reason... I'm keeping an eye on you.

We value honest, balanced, justified opinions, but not this horrible hate-fest you're trying to whip up.
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Hey Zenji,
I know it can be frustrating at times but Aletta is right.
You have the choice to follow or not follow.
A friend of mine wants me to get a huge TV like the one he has, that was advertised on the... TV..lol.
But I "choose" not to get one cause I like the TV I have now and when I choose to get a bigger one, I will.
I hate the commercials on TV when I am watching Stargate Atlantis but I just walk out during them. (note to myself: get Tivo lol)

Cheer up dude.. and just unsubscribe from all the lists.
Pick a path that you feel will lead you in the right direction and follow it to the end.
Will you come to some dead ends and have to go back and choose a different path? Most likely.
But just stay focused and move forward. "Choose" who you want to listen to.. even if it is just yourself.

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