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Affiliate Marketing And Anonymity

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Affiliate Marketing And Anonymity

Is it possible to be a successful marketer and still be anonymous?

I understand that the most sucessful internet marketers have their faces on their product (branding their product).

But I was wondering how can you promote a product and remain anonymous.
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I think it's more and more difficult to remain anonymous these days now. One of the best ways to promote products, brand or website is through social media sites and it can be difficult to do this without presenting a "face" or a persona behind the website.

It also helps your site to be connected to other people and other sites within your niche so one way or another, you will need to interact and be known.

My two cents. Have a good day!
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What about using pen names and perhaps a stock image of someone else or something related to the product you're promoting on social sites.

I know you couldn't video market anything, but is it possible to be successful with these types of strategies.

For example, I'm a guy (obviously) but if I see a product on Clickbank that has a high gravity score and it's for women (fibroids for example) and I wanna promote this product couldn't I just create a female pen name and get a stock image of a woman do you think I could promote this product successfully on social sites?
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I recommend not using someone else face as another persona. I would recommend you use a cartoon character instead of a real person's face and use a pen name with that cartoon character. In my experience it won't hurt your conversions if you use a cartoon character.

I get my cartoon characters from Fiverr.com btw.

Hope that helps!
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I'd also advise against a stock image of an actual person. There's always a chance that someone could know the person in the photo & using their photo & changing the name, etc. could be risky or at the very least annoying for the person in question. Cartoon or another type of image is a much safer way to go, unless you have an agreement with a woman who wouldn't mind being the "face" of your company.
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Branding becomes a must to succeed as an affiliate marketer. Hence it is not a good idea to remain anonymous especially when you are growing as an affiliate marketer. May be it can work during the beginning stages. Even then it is not a healthy idea to remain anonymous.
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It depends on what you mean by "successful".

If you want to be in the big leagues and make a profit in the hundreds of thousands or even millions, then yes -- you probably have to show your face, at least once in a while.

But if you define "successful" as simply making enough money to support your current lifestyle without you having to work and your business runs on its own, then I believe it's possible to be successful and stay anonymous.

One of the things that drew me to affiliate marketing is the anonymous nature of an affiliate (although sometimes when I really love a product, I do get in front of a camera).

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I would strongly advise against using someone elses photo. I've had people approach me on LinkedIn with the "generic businessman" photo, or even using photos of famous people, and it raises red flags immediately.
It's easy to check the image, just right click it and go to "search google for image".
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