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Affiliate Links - Best Practices

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Affiliate Links - Best Practices

Hi all! Can anyone tell me what the best practices are in regards to the number of affiliate links per page might be? I have a newer site that has ~ 100 pages of great content with 2 to 3 links per page and the site is not ranking well. I am concerned that I over did it with the number of links on each page and Google is not liking it. I appreciate any input.

Site: www.leanbodyguru.com

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hey Brian, you said its a new site, which is probably your problem. creating a big site is kind of a waste if none of your pages are ranking. focus on getting a few pages at a time ranking in Google. that takes work, time, and patience.

Google doesn't really trust a new site until it is 6 months- 1 year old. Your content will bounce around the rankings that whole time, till you earn their trust. The more social activity you have, the faster they will trust you, which is part of why social media is becoming more important to really keep rankings strong.
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Hi Brian,

Your website looks great and it's loaded with information. We usually recommend placing 1 or 2 CTA links on each article depending on it's length. I don't think Google has any recommendations on the number of CTA links on the site. What they give importance to is your articles quality and it's relevance to the keyword it's ranking for.

If you just built your site, then you'll see fluctuations in ranking. This is normal for new sites until the site grows past the 6th month or so. Just continue with your SEO and promote your site actively. Get traffic to your site. That's how you make a sale.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Your web page should not contain over 100 links (internal and external). Otherwise, Google might choose not to follow or to index all those links.

It's great to see that you have a multiple review page: http://www.leanbodyguru.com/workout-and ... views.html . Your products on this page need to be given star ratings. You should also add more information about the product (3-5 sentences per product). This would make it easier for visitors to compare the products and see if this is what they need from reading a few sentences. You could use Mark's multiple review page as an example: http://www.wowblackbook.com/best-world- ... guides.php

All the best!
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