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Affilblueprint or Insider Profits Club by Sara Young

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Affilblueprint or Insider Profits Club by Sara Young

Hey everyone,

I was just trying to get some insight as to which program / training is the most thorough and has the most hand holding as I am a total newbie. I recieved an email from Mark a while back promoiting Sara Young's coaching know as Insider Profits Club. It seemed like everything I was looking for and I really liked that you can personally get your keywords approved by her staff before you waste your time on them. Also her staff starts your first backlinking campaign and shows you exactaly how to do it. More importantly she guarantees that she wiill stick with you and offer you live skype coaching sessions until you reach $1000 per month.

I was set to move forward with this until I saw Affiloblueprint. It doesnt seem to offer as much as one on one help but the positive reviews are making me reconsider. If anyone hear has some insight or has tried either of these programs I would greatly appreciate your thoughts. I know they are probably both good becuase Marks name is behind them but I just can't decide. I am obviously swaying towards Sara's course becuase she actually personally coaches you until you get to $1000 per month but I am wondering if this may just be an empty promise.

I am just looking for something that will produce results if I put all of my time and energy into it. I recently just got burned on a program. It was just filled with to much information and the step by step instruction left alot of the tiny details out that you need for it to work. I am hoping an honest person here that experienced real results can shed some light my way.

Thanks so much,
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I don't know about Sarah Young's program from personal experience, but I did hear about it and it seems like a solid coaching program. But, it is also more expensive because of the one on one coaching you get. I can say from personal experience that the AFfiloblueprint is a really great course. Mark teaches you all the fundamentals that you need to get a successful website up and going. We also have a private forum where many of us hang out and help the newbies out.

I can tell you that the AB course has helped a lot of people learn the basics and get to a point where they are self employeed. However, it does focus on very basic fundamentals. there are a lot of things you can learn that AB doesn't teach because he doesn't want to overwhelm people. You have to learn how to walk before you can run a marathon, and AB teaches you how to walk.

Too many programs out there are teaching you to run and assume you already know how to walk, even though they target their sales copy to total newbies who don't know anything about marketing. In fact, I think this is why so many programs get labeled as scams. I had products that burned me when I started too, but I was actually able to learn from them after going through the AB course and learning the fundamentals that the other courses left out.
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I've never heard of Sara Young's program, but AffiloBlueprint is how I got my start back in 2009.

Her offer sounds pretty good though, however, I can't really comment on it.

I can say that Mark Ling genuinely cares about your success. He makes most of his money outside of the "make money" niche so he knows what he's talking about (in fact I'm watching him crush everyone else on an affiliate leader board for a launch right now!).

Hope this helps you make your decision :)
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Sara Young's Insider Profits Club is a good program. She provides one on one coaching, which is something not provided in Affiloblueprint (although we at Affilorama support are always on standby :) ).
Affiloblueprint is a great course in that it is a step by step course that helps you learn building a website and driving traffic to your site. You are given a "homework" at the end of each week's lesson, so you are really compelled to put what you've learned into action.

Both courses are good, so you can choose to go with either course. What you need to keep in mind is to maintain your focus and follow through whichever course you choose.

Hope that helps. Have a good weekend!
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