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Adding credit to website?

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Adding credit to website?

I was looking at all the backlinks that are linking to one of my sites and noticed that some of the links back to my site are on actual article pages of the other website.

would it give my website more credit/authortity if i had a small table with the headline saying "Featured On" then the name of the website with a text link inbeded likning to the site whare my site is listed?

Im not talking about linking back to the other sites link page but rather the sites that actually refer or highlight my site? Just a thought what are your ideas on this?
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SEO wise, if there is a link on their site and you link to them, it counts as reciprocal links, which don't cary as much weight, although it still counts for some.

However, depending on the site, it can help build good will. Whenever I link, I focus more on how it will affect my readers. on these simple affilaite sites, you want to minimize outbound links that take people away from your affiliate links. However, with my blogs, I link to other sites that mention my sites all the time. Especially if they are an authority site on the topic and send you a lot of traffic.
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Hi nates450r,

James is right. You would want your readers to stay on your affiliate sites, so you would minimize outbound links. There's really no need for you to link back to the sites that have featured your articles since the web owners/bloggers did so without expecting you to do the same. If you feel like showing your gratitude, then you can get in touch with them and thank them.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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