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Ad Disapproved Because Display URL is Not Correct

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Ad Disapproved Because Display URL is Not Correct

Hello all
I've tried to publish another site only with ads on Google but my ads were disapproved because the display URL is not correct.
In order to shorten the URL I used a free service which of course put its logo on the short URL. I believe that is the problem but the only program I know which is not free costs $100.
Please help.
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Google says that "The point of the display URL is to give users a clear idea of what website they'll be taken when they click on the ad." Because of this, it should be your actual URL but without the
, that is, it should be your domain name. Of course, there's a 35 character limit so if your domain name is very long there might be a problem.
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Google says that the display URL needs to be the same URL that visitors land on.
You can not put BLUESOCKS.COM in the ad and have visitors land on BIGDOGS.COM

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