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A really bad situation - anybody experiencing the same?

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A really bad situation - anybody experiencing the same?

Hi there, is anyone experiencing a drop in their website rankings and also in sales? My situation is really terrible *sob*. Page ranking, number of visitors, and sales dropped drastically since two months ago. I thought it was a temporary thing, but it seems to be getting worse.

Used to get 3-4 sales a week, but I have only got two sales in the past 4 weeks~

I have not been submitting articles for some time, the websites are more than a year old and were pretty stable in traffic, until recently. *sob* Besides article marketing, any methods to give the page rankings a quick boost?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and feedback.

- Serena -
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Hey Serena - welcome to the wonderful world of search engine marketing!

One thing that I've noticed about SEO marketing is that you do need to make sure that your content is consistently updated so that Google can see that it is an active site, not just 'dead cyber-weight'

It does not need to be a weekly thing, but once a month add content or freshen the site up a bit. It won't take long for the spiders to come back if you add an article or two. Also look at your content and check your links. Is the content still relevant? Also check that your links are still working and that they haven't been hacked.

Unfortunately there is no set answer to the rise and fall of rankings, but if your content is good and your readers are gaining value from it then it will rise to the top again.
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Yea, I second the consistent content thing.

It really depends on your niche and competition for how often you should update your site and add fresh content but you should definitely continue building links through article marketing and other methods such as blog comments, profile links, forum links, and social media at the very least.

Just keep building backlinks despite these falls and you should see your rankings pick up again and hopefully sales too.

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