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A member took my money and now I cannot contact him

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A member took my money and now I cannot contact him

Hi there,

We're searching for a guy, he is registered here for a long time.

His name is Ben Dembler (Paul Doumbler). We've met him here, than we've set an agreement and finally he took money and went somewhere (we can not reach him anywhere).

Please, help us to find him if you can.

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I am sorry to hear about that however, we cannot find the member in our database using the names that you have mentioned. If you have the email address, let us know.

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what source did you use for your transactions?
If its PayPal or similar wallet, there is a high chance possibility to receive it back
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If paypal is easy. We can do chargeback and take refund
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Poor you, did you try to find him via his email or messenger?
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That's just tragic. This is tough because even though if you find the person, how do you plan on getting your money back? I'm pretty sure you can't just ask him to return it.
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