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1st sale made from purely SEO traffic

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1st sale made from purely SEO traffic

ok, this is another milestone for me in IM because ever sence i have strarted promoting products i have made sales with ppc. well everyone knows your conversion rate needs to be good to profit from it. and my website has been in a slump for a few months with no sales so i stopped looking at my CB account everyday hoping & paused my adwords campagin and took a deep breath, i thought things over and have been going though all of my website pages little by little doing SEO.

long story short i have not used ppc for about 2 weeks and my daily traffic has been basiclly cut in half but it is FREE
and if im not mistaken its 100% profit : )

I MADE MY 1ST SALE FROM ONLY SEO....................YES
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That's fantastic new well done, I wish you many many more sales, the system works and your sale proves it, I have had several sales which have been totally down to seo ...so keep up the great work and you will achieve your goal with seo sales
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Way happy for you!

Not trying to rain on your parade but....

The buyer could have been cookied from your PPC days.
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J.C. Dean
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Great I no that feeling I just had it a week ago keep it up .
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Pro at basic WP and keyword research willing to coach.mackaybruce@hotmail.com
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Great Job. Before long, you will be seeing it every day. Ill let you know if the feeling ever wears off when you see a sale. hasn't for me yet. :)
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