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12-month-millionaire scam

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12-month-millionaire scam


I just received a link to 12-month-millionaire with affilorama bonuses (broken link removed) which looked very interesting so I tried to learn a bit more. After I did some research on the product I read some quite disturbing articles on the product and the people behind it http://12-month-millionaire-scam.blogspot.com/ and "http://ezinearticles.com/?Why-I-Respectfully-Disagree-with-Vincent-James,-the-12-Month-Millionaire&id=585759".

Could this product really be a scam and if it is, could affilorama be promoting it unknowingly ? What do you think?

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Think about it the guy made millions with a SCAM. What else can he teach you but SCAMING other individuals. I smelled a rat when it was released months ago.
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I actually found the interview fascinating. Yes he did some things wrong, but some of his marketing techniques are completely legal and genius. He just got too greedy and didn't disclose the recurring billing which got him into trouble, but other tactics are great.
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