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$1,000 last week! With Affiliate Programs and Info-Product:

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$1,000 last week! With Affiliate Programs and Info-Product:

Made just over $1,000 last week, promoting affiliate programs, as well as my own personal product. I know that Mark will be coming out with an 'info-product creation' system very soon. I'm looking forward to that. And I can tell you this:

Creating your own, unique product---which is actually VERY simple to do---will add one heck of a lot of credibility, views, and, I believe, overall sales---to your affiliate business.

If I hadn't worked on creating my own site and product---I've got 2 of 'em now---I'd be nowhere near making any decent money at all.

Your own site, your own area of expertise, something that you know and love to do...these all result in compelling writing and promotion. By you!

Jeff Sekerak
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Jeff Sekerak
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Hey Jeff,
Well done.
Thanks for posting as it gives other members tips and ideas.
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Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize
they were the big things.

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Well done Jeff. What made you decide to become a vegan?
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