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Webinar Replays: Super Affiliate Secrets Revealed

Webinar Replays: Super Affiliate Secrets Revealed

Hi Everyone,

In the last 2 days I've recorded 2 live webinars with 2 very impressive super affiliates. Both are making over 7 figures per year and both revealed a lot of behind the scenes information about exactly what they do.

Here are the links so that you can watch the replays:

Secrets to Newbie Affiliate Success (For newbies to intermediates)
Click Here to watch the video replay

Super Affiliate Pay Per Click Strategies (For newbies to advanced)
Click Here to watch the video replay

Note: Each of the above videos may take a minute to load.


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  • Reply Steven Hall3177 days ago

    I actually managed to make it live to both webinars and I gained a lot of gold nuggets of advice from both. Thanks for providing these!

  • Reply Joyce Rhodes3176 days ago

    I've just finished watching that first webinar and really appreciate the preparation and content that was delivered. I took a couple of pages of notes and look forward to seeing what results it may bring.

    I'll watch the next webinar soon.

  • Reply James Pruitt3176 days ago

    Thank you for providing these great webinars Mark. I really like all the great tips that we get. Keep them coming often.

  • Reply Kari Halstead3175 days ago

    I just finished the 1st webinar & wanted to say thanks for putting this up for us to learn from. Great stuff! Gave me some good ideas to chew on...I always pick up at least one tip from these webinars. Rock on!

  • Reply Shama Kern • 3174 days ago

    great webinars! I appreciate the information. Thanks

  • Reply Josephine Mahar3172 days ago

    Really enjoyed Steven and John's webinar Mark. Thanks for that. Maybe I am just an information junkie! Great ideas that I hadn't heard before. Jo

  • Reply Bimalendu Sarker3169 days ago

    Really great !!!

  • Reply ron rich3166 days ago

    Great staff. Thank you very much. As a beginner it is helping a lot. Mark, I hope you will continue with such great work.
    Thank you again.

  • Reply Chavah • 3166 days ago

    I was trying to listen as I'm a newbie to all this and am keen to learn everything I can but the recording is just too quiet :( Unless I hunt out my cords to hook my pc up to the big speakers I can't listen. I will do that, just wanted to give you a heads up and see if anyone else has the same issue. I have everything turned up as high as I can on here and no, I have no hearing problems hehe. I did however, hear that you're a kiwi from your accent. Woo hoo!

  • Reply marvin roberts2810 days ago

    Great Stuff.

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