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SEO, Traffic and Panda - How to succeed in 2012

SEO, Traffic and Panda - How to succeed in 2012

Hi everyone,

Last night I ran a live webinar with Mike Ullman and Adam Franklin, who produced a really fantastic webinar on the topic of SEO, Traffic and Panda - How to succeed in the new world of internet marketing.

Google's "Panda" updates are merely the beginnings of a fundamental shift in the way search engines operate. Unless you understand the sea-change that is going on, it will become increasingly harder to succeed online.

Inside this webinar Mike covered many important topics thoroughly including:

  • How to get traffic when everyone else is losing it
  • What you need to do to get & hold top rankings going forward
  • What Panda *really* is, and *specifically* how it works
  • How to avoid getting "Pandalized"
  • How this "new world" is shaping up
  • What 'Internet Marketing 2.0' business models will be the 'fortune-makers' of tomorrow.


I hope you enjoy this webinar, please leave your comments and questions below.

Kind regards,

Mark Ling

Founder of Affilorama and Traffic Travis

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  • Reply Sammy JayJay • 3377 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    I saw you today in Hallswell, was that you? I was going to go and introduce myself but you were gone before I got the chance. I have been with Adam & Michael A100k for about 4 months now and it is all starting to work...(I talk with Adam regularly).....I would really like to meet you sometime and just talk about the business in general. You have been an inspiration for me as well mate...Please send me an email.. ohh good video btw..
    Regards Sam

    Mark Ling3377 days ago

    Hi, no that wasn't me (unless you saw me in my car, as I do live in Halswell, however our offices are in Ferrymead).

    Glad you liked the video, will have to catch up when things settle down with my kids sleeping :)

  • Reply Andrew Kordyban3377 days ago

    Saw this webinar on Matt Carter's blog a few weeks ago... or one put on by the same guys i mean. What do you think about synnd.com Mark? Seems to be what SEO Link Monster is for backlinks for social media. It is still ironing out some issues and introducing new modules, but it seems to be a good way to funnel traffic to your website going forward.

    Mark Ling3377 days ago

    Synnd looks good, I'm still reviewing though at the moment, it is totally different to SEO Monster that you referred to, which I am also in the process of reviewing. I didn't want to rush out and promote either of those products until I've reviewed them so that I know they produce results.

  • Reply Joyce • 3377 days ago

    Great webinar!

    Mark Ling3377 days ago

    Glad you enjoyed it! :)

  • Reply dennis dalia3377 days ago

    Hi Mark, thanks for great webinar, can you please tell me what is the differents of easy course I'm trying to understand little confus.
    Also do you recommend putting adsence on ab bluieprint sites that have affilite offers on them. And can with use ab theme for just adsences site, with good content.Becaurse I like your themes. Thanks dennis.

    Mark Ling3377 days ago

    You can put adsense on affiloblueprint sites, but remember it is a different process in terms of the niches and the keywords that you target. With affiloblueprint sites you are usually targetting based on keywords that will convert to sales of affiliate products, whereas with adsense you are looking for keyword phrases that attract advertisers who pay high $ per click and may not even necessarily have an affiliate program (e.g. 'nursing courses online' etc). By all means you can definitely use our theme with adsense, just wanted you to be clear that you may not necessarily want to 'slap' adsense on to an existing affiliate site as you might get very low $ per click if it hasn't been optimized correctly for adsense purposes.

  • Reply Clayton A Terao3377 days ago

    Hi Mark. Thanks for the webinar. I'm about to sit down and go through it. It seems like a lot of us have been reeling since the Panda updates started last year.

    It's good to see that some people are starting to step forward and offer sound, concrete advice on how to adapt to the changes.

    Hope you're doing well (Affilorama has been a bit quiet lately...)

  • Reply Mark • 3376 days ago

    I've been doing adsense for several years, and make "low" 4 figures a month, but have seen a massive drop in rankings and such. I have always put up excellent,unique content, and good linking.

    No disrespect, but this product seems antiquated.

    I've had to shut down many, many sites that I did exactly what the video is saying, so I am very skeptical of this program working "today".

    And, the 6 million dollar question.

    If this is so good, why would they be creating more competition to what they do with their model? Does't make any sense. I sure wouldn't.

    Michael Ullman3374 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the comment and the question - it's one that is often asked of product developers. "Why would anyone with a business model that worked want to create their own competition, why not just churn out sites all the way to the bank?"

    Actually, this is where we began. This specific model was developed over a long period of time, through a lot of testing, trial & error, optimizing, and more testing. Once we had a model that was repeatable, we began building site after site. Some were sold, some were kept. Many of those early sites continue to generate significant revenue.

    Knowing we had a repeatable, successful model, an obvious and logical thought was, "we can turn this into a course - we know it works, and so it should be a certain success!" We knew from being in the business for quite some time - as many of us know - that there weren't many courses or products that 'worked', at least in terms of providing the means to build a successful business.

    Since our model is essentially a 'niche website' model, the thought of "creating competition" didn't really cross our minds. Even while 'narrowing' the field by specifying "informational" niches as opposed to "product-centric" niches, it is such an enormous field that it simply can't be saturated. On a daily basis I come across new niche & keyword opportunities that we don't have the time to take advantage of - in the office, there is a large whiteboard covered with these opportunities.

    As for seeming "antiquated", I'm not sure I know what you mean. The course teaches the most current tactics & strategies - and we continually optimize them (Version 1 was updated 9 times in a year, at which point we did a near-complete re-write for Version 2).

    We have yet to have any problems with any of the sites we've build to this model, and at this point they number close to 200. On our forum, we get an even wider perspective: literally thousands of efforts. We have a "Success Stories" board with more than 100 individual success threads, dating all the way back from November 2010 - the most recent one posted yesterday (2/12), a fellow from Brazil who found his first IM success, and posted his entire IM 'journey' which culminated with buying this course, launching his first effort in December, and surpassing his $10/day goal now ($300/month). Another recent thread posted a screenshot of a $4500 website sale. We also get similar emails on a regular basis.

    I'm not sure why you've had to shut down many of your sites, but if you'd like, I'd be happy to take a look and offer you my personal assessment & feedback.

    It is somewhat harder today than it was a year or two ago. Google has become considerably 'stricter', and is less tolerant of many practices & tactics that used to work. The differences between what works and what doesn't has become much more subtle & nuanced.

    I hope that answers your question - my apology for the long-winded reply!

    Michael Ullman
    Author, "Adsense $100k Blueprint"

  • Reply George Cornelius • 3375 days ago

    Hi Mark

    Is it possible to download this webinar so I can listen to it on an ipod?

    It would be great to be ale to listen to this valuable information on the move


    Cecille Loorluis3371 days ago

    Hi George,

    Yes, you can download the webinar through Real Player or the download plugin for Firefox so you can listen to it while on the go. Please note that this is for personal use only.

    Hope that helps. Have a good day!

    Kind regards,


  • Reply Marc Wille3375 days ago

    Hello Mark,

    Thanks for the webinar. It offered some great content.
    I still have a question though; as so many websites my websites got hit by either the panda update or by a penalty. Looking at them I have to say in all honesty that you could call the thin affiliate sites. So now I made the decision to move forward and create content driven websites. A lot of interactive elements, like a blog, applications people could use, lots of unique content, etc.
    My question is: could I use the url's (domains) I used for my thin affiliate sites for my new content driven websites or would that be a bad idea? Does google automatically re-evaluate websites or is that something manually that you should request? Maybe I would have to wait untill the next panda update? What would you advice?

    Many thanks!


    Michael Ullman3374 days ago

    Hi Marc,

    If a domain was 'Pandalized', and you are able to - meaning you aren't trying to bring that site back up - we recommend walking away from it. Very few domains have been able to fully recover from a Panda hit.

    If you've been hit by non-Panda penalties or filters, they can almost always be addressed simply by correcting the problem(s) that drew the penalty.

    It's important to realize however, if the penalty is related to linking, then simply erasing the site and starting over with the same domain may not eliminate the problem.

    If it's simply a question of whether to re-use domains that have been penalized, unless they have some inherent value, such as age or a -good- backlink profile, and you can afford to, you'll probably be best served getting new domains.

    One last consideration - if the penalty resulted in a domain being de-indexed, you'll also need to file a "Reconsideration request" in order to get it back into Google's search index. You can find the form for this under 'Tools' in your Google Webmaster Tools account.

    Michael Ullman

  • Reply Elle Blitz3373 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    In Australia we are yet to receive the Panda update...I think.

    I have always tried to be very white hat with SEO to ensure I stay on the good side of the Googles updates.

    I have been using SEOlinkvine for a few months. I know you haven't reviewed this yet but do you believe I could be penalized for being with such programs when Panda comes to Australia.

  • Reply Marc Wille • 3373 days ago

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the clear and informative answer.

    I guess the only way to find out is to give it a go.
    There is probably no way to find out if you are hit by Panda or by a 'normal' penalty?
    It appeared to me that surely Google could have penalized my websites around the time the Panda update took place, so it could be both..

    Thanks again!


    Michael Ullman3373 days ago

    Hi Marc,

    You'll want to look at the dates your sites were hit. If it's a Panda hit, it will correspond to one of these dates (Panda is run periodically, the results of which are seen within a day or two). Here's a listing of all Panda runs care of Webmasterworld:


    If the dates correspond, you'd still have to rule out 'regular' penalties & filters, however hits outside those dates will tell you definitively it's not Panda.

    Michael Ullman

  • Reply Marc Wille • 3372 days ago

    Hey Michael,

    Thank you for this. I dived into Google Analytics right away and what I have found was that around the panda update of Oct 13 all my websites spiked in numbers of visitors (as a result of higher rankings). On Nov. 1st however all my websites were set back around 50 spots in the google rankings.
    I think - based on this - it would be safe to say that it was not Panda!

    Thanks again, you really helped me out here, Michael.


  • Reply Paul Fletcher3372 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    I know how valuable these webinars are, but I just don't have the time to sit at the computer for two and half hour to listen to it.

    Is there any way you can make them available to download, similar to the lessons, and we can listen to them in the car or on the go generally.



    Cecille Loorluis3370 days ago

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your comment. You can try downloading the above video using Real Player or any download plugins for browsers ( I think Firefox has a few). Please note that this is for your personal use only.

    You can also send us you feedback on the videos through the Feedback button at the top left of the Affilorama site.

    Hope that helps. All the best!

    Kind regards,


    Paul Fletcher3365 days ago

    Hi Cecille,

    Can you please explain step by step exactly how the download is done?



    Cecille Loorluis3364 days ago

    Hi Paul,

    Real Player allows you to download video from websites. It also lets you convert various video formats into another.

    If you are using Firefox, then you can use the Download Helper. It is a FireFox add on that lets you download videos off the web.

    Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have further inquiries.

    All the best!

    Kind regards,

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    Affilorama Group Limited
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  • Reply Laszlo Hajdu3367 days ago

    Thanks Mark,

    Indeed, it wasn't a usual webinar. I feel, didn't lost to much doing nothing since the future environment feels like you have to re do everything. In reality also true that people looking for quality instead of quantity!
    Thanks again for the great content!

  • Reply 3366 days ago

    Hi Michael,

    The rankings of my adsense sites have suffered quite badly since the recent "Page layout algorithm improvement" by google. I had heavy adsense placements above the fold and obviously Google didn't like that. I now only have one one adsense block in the top right sidebar.

    Hopefully the reduction of ads will bring back my rankings.

    My question is did any of your sites suffer from this latest update and where would you place adsense after this update?

    Steve Duggan

  • Reply Michael Ullman • 3366 days ago

    Hi Michael,

    Fortunately, none of our sites suffered, nor has anyone on our forum report that they were hit.

    That said, I know of plenty who were hit, largely from similar above-the-fold 'ad heavy' layouts. I spend a lot of time on marketing and webmaster forums, and see that this update hit a lot of sites hard.

    Currently, we advocate one 'half-banner' below the headline, with no other Adsense blocks in the main content area - at least not above the fold.

    We do have some sites that also have a 'skyscraper' adblock in the right- or left-sidebar, but again have had no issues, nor know of anyone on our forum with similar layouts having problems.

    Of course you will probably see a drop in revenue on pages that go from lots of ads above the fold to few, but this is something we have to live with.

    Lastly I'll note that because Google places the 'best' ads first (the ones with the highest CPC), the ads you end up removing would be lower-paying ads, so you should still be getting clicks with similar earnings.


  • Reply Keith • 3357 days ago


    A couple of my websites, in spite of having original content, have been hit hard by the recent panda update! In your opinion, can a website recover from a panda update merely by adding more content to the affected website, or is it more complicated than that? Thanks in advance for your help and advice! :)

    Michael Ullman • 3356 days ago

    Hi Keith,

    First you want to be sure it was actually a Panda hit - check to see if the hit corresponds closely to the Panda run dates. The most recent Panda update (3.3) occurred on Monday, Feb. 27th.

    If it was a Panda hit, you'll want to understand something about how Panda works: Panda is a separate, independent algorithm that is run periodically (so far it's been 3-8 weeks apart). The results of each run are applied on top of, or in addition to your 'regular' search ranking scores.

    This means if you were hit by Panda this past Monday, you won't see the results of what you do about it until the next Panda run. In other words, if your site dropped due to Panda, there's no way to 'fix' it right away.

    And you can't 'fix' a Panda hit simply by adding more content. A Panda hit is triggered by specific conditions or thresholds for specific values. The conditions and values that are being analyzed are content (quality, originality, length), site metrics (time-on-site, bounce rate, etc.), and backlink profile (quality & value of links, diversity, etc.).

    Keep in mind also that while many of these things can directly be 'fixed' such as replacing lo-quality content with hi-quality content, some require time. For instance, some user experience metrics such as 'bounce rate' are averages over time. Fixing that would mean fixing whatever caused visitors to hit their back button, then allowing enough time for the bounce rate average to go up.

    Lastly, Panda looks at both page and site-wide factors, but applies it's penalties site-wide. Take care to identify & fix all pages that might not 'make the grade', since any of them can mean site-wide penalties.


  • Reply Felix Arguelles3261 days ago

    Hi, my site www.citizens-insurance.com was "pandalized"
    I thought everything was just fine with my site, I optimize using seomoz.org to keep proper kw density, content original with pro writer, etc, etc..
    Can you pls help me out on what happen to this specific site?

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