How to find profitable Clickbank niches

By Mark Ling
How to find profitable Clickbank niches


Hi there, a few days ago Sam wrote a blog post on How to Find Hot Physical Product Niches, and to follow on from that, today I've recorded a video for you which shows you how to find great digital products to promote through Clickbank.

The good thing about Clickbank products is that they often have high margins and some also offer recurring billing too, which means you get paid over and over once you make a sale until the customer cancels their membership of the site you recommended.

Just click play on the video below and you'll see me walking you through how I go about finding profitable Clicbank niches:


I hope you enjoyed this video, please post your comments, questions and suggestions and I'll reply through this blog

Kind regards,

Mark Ling

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noam tobi 10 years ago
Great Video Mark.
I love the new Clickbank features,
it makes searching for niches and products so much easier.
Thanks again for an easy to follow tutorial.
Mark Ling 10 years ago
Yeah, I think niche finding is easier than ever and there are even more great niches than ever.
Corinne Carvalho 10 years ago
Great video Mark, very informative. Thanks!
Mark Ling 10 years ago
Hey you're welcome Kredco :)
10 years ago
I think i've been looking at things backwards. gives me something to think about while choosing a strategy.
Mark Ling 10 years ago
Cool, glad to hear you gained something out of this post. I think often people spend too long trying to decide which niche to go into, hopefully this video will encourage you to just pick one following my guidelines and just get stuck in there and build a website and market it. Hope you have a great weekend ahead.
JJArt 10 years ago
Interesting video. Have you looked at the Forex niche? Is it worth a try to make money?
Mark Ling 10 years ago
Hey, I have thought about it, however I've stayed away from Forex thus far as I am not confident in the ability of outsourced writers to produce quality useful information on this subject area. It's something that a lot of affiliates do have success with, and perhaps I could have gone into that niche, though that are so many other niches I just haven't seen a need for me to delve into it. I'd hate to give the wrong advice etc when people in this space are spending a lot of money trying to make money from forex.
Samuel Frost 10 years ago
Allow me to put in my 2 cents here as well:

Many Forex programs, especially the auto-trading "robots" that litter Clickbank, aren't very good.


Because there is no magical way to predict what is going to happen in one of the most complicated markets around. If that was the case, why would people share the software? Surely, they would just keep it for themselves and get vastly more money by trading effectively.

There are some instructional courses on Forex fundamentals that are good, but by and large Forex products are of a low quality and not worth promoting.

The huge gravity scores you see for Forex products tend to come from aggressive product launches, and constant list bombardment.
Ed Kirwan 10 years ago
Great post Mark,

I have had problems picking good products with less competition on Clickbank but this will make life a lot easier,

Thanks a lot.
Mark Ling 10 years ago
Hey you're welcome, hope it goes well for you.
Michael Webb 10 years ago
Another fantastic video. Looks like I need to be ready for a lot more affiliates for my ClickBank ebooks.

Thanks for all the value you add to the affiliate community.
Mark Ling 10 years ago
Hey you're welcome Michael. I hope everything is going well for you. I remember meeting you at Affiliate Summit at the Clickbank Booth. For anyone else reading my reply here, Michael has some great products to promote in the dating/relationships niche. In particular check out his 1001 questions for couples affiliate program here:
Ross 10 years ago
Hi Mark, thanks for the video.

One question I have afterwards is clarification on the definition of "gravity". You said its affiliate's making sales per week but
I thought it was calculated over a 12 weeks period.
Mark Ling 10 years ago
Hi Ross, it is calculated over a period of several weeks. I can't remember if it is 8 or 12 weeks, but in any event, a simple rule of thumb is to think of it as the number of separate affiliates who make a sale of a product in a single week. The maximum any single affiliate can add to a product's gravity is 1 point, e.g. If I made 10 sales of Product X last week, then I'd be contributing 1 gravity point to Product X. However if I made a sale of Product X 3 weeks ago, and haven't made a sale since then, then I will have contributed something like 0.8 to the gravity (this number diminishes the longer ago that it was that I last made a sale). So while you are correct that my definition of Gravity isn't entirely accurate, it is 'close enough' and easier to think in those terms than to think of Gravity in it's true complexity of which the exact algorithm is not made public.
Ross 10 years ago
That's Cool, thanks Mark. Just hear different explanations around the place. Some say its a month etc which makes a big difference. But its all good, cheers.
Hubert 10 years ago
That is a great video but dont stop now how about teaching us newbies how pick the keywords, set up a wordpress. and drive some traffic to the offer.? Iam sure there will be tons of people like me who would find that really useful.
Mark Ling 10 years ago
Hi Hubert, I do teach this stuff in a lot more detail inside my paid products (any one of them has good training on different types of affiliate site building and also traffic generation). However you'll be pleased to know that I do intend to release more free videos showing this kind of thing, e.g. how to set up a quick affiliate site in wordpress and ways of driving traffic etc, so look out for those videos coming shortly, they should be easily good enough to get you started and making some money - even if you never buy one of my paid products.
Rob Cubbon 10 years ago
Really great to hear your thoughts on Clickbank and the way you view the different gravity numbers. I've seen some great tutorials/interviews/webinars here – this one was great as well! Love to see some sites and ideas on promoting the Clickbank products. Thank you.
Mark Ling 10 years ago
Sure, I'll build a quick affiliate site using wordpress and video record myself doing it and will post it on this blog here soon so that you can see the process and follow along with me. I'll post that in the next week or 2.
Atul Thakur 10 years ago
Thank u for the awesome post Mark. This will help me get into Internet marketing. Can u suggest the next steps after picking product ?
Mark Ling 10 years ago
Sure, I'll post that in my next video, I'll post that on this blog sometime in the next 2 weeks. I have a busy week ahead, I'll try to do it this week, but it might take till next week.
Ray Burton 10 years ago
If you put a product on Clickbank, what is the best way to get affiliates for it when you have low gravity because it's new?
Mark Ling 10 years ago
The first thing you need to do is affiliate to it yourself - ie build and affiliate site, and promote it via pay per click if possible. You need to put yourself in the mindset of an affiliate and make sure that your offering is profitable. Otherwise when people test your offer and they don't make sales, they will stop promoting it. If your offer converts well and you learn lots of information about good keywords and so forth, then post what you learn in your affiliates area. Make sure your affiliates area contains great resources, swipe copy, keywords, banners, and so forth. Make sure you have a great product so that if any affiliate reviews it, they will want to promote it. Approach others in your niche to see if any of them are interested in promoting you, or in cross promoting. You'll want to build your own list up before doing this, so you might need to do some pay per click to boost your list size so that you have something to trade wtih in terms of cross promotions. Once you know your offer converts, you can approach affiliates who already have websites in your niche and offer them a free copy of your product and ask if they'd be willing to try promoting your product (if they have a review site, don't ask them to place you at #1, ask them if they'll simply put your product in there as first equal to see if it converts better than the existing #1 offer). I hope these tips help. It can be a bit of a mission to kick gravity off if you don't already ahve some jv's ready at your disposal ready to help. However once it gets moving, if it converts well, it can spiral upwards pretty quickly.
Hamant 10 years ago
Hi Mark,

That was a great video,
Clickbank sure have improved their search features - I used to use alternatives for a long time but now I have started using the new features again.

I quite like the fact that you're promoting the fact that whilst everyone and their dog is promoting the Big Massive Products - there are so many good products on Clickbank - especially in the Non IM that convert so well and have huge upside potential

Really enjoyed the video Thanks

Mark Ling 10 years ago
Glad you enjoyed the video Hamant. Yes there are many great products in non-IM niches. In fact for my first 7 years online I never ever promoted a single IM product and still did exceptionally well in the niches. I know several internet millionaires who have never done anything in IM. Also there are several other products outside of Clickbank too. I just recommend Clickbank as it is where I make a lot of my money online, but I do know others doing 7 figures from other places too, e.g. CPA networks, suppliments, Plimus for digital products, other physical product offerings and so forth.
Derek Haynes 10 years ago
Thanks Mark for the information. It's really strange that two of the products you picked as examples I have built Wordpress sites around and I have them on page one of Google.

Unfortunately, I wasn't that experienced at picking a domain name that had significant traffic but I'm still hopeful that I will be able move the sites up to the 1st or 2nd place for some additional keywords. Your tutorial has confirmed that I'm fishing in the right pond. I just need to stay in the water!

Thanks again for sharing!
Mark Ling 10 years ago
Hey you're welcome. Don't forget there is also paid traffic (e.g. msn/yahoo or google ppc) and you can also target other phrases on your website, the keywords don't have to be in the domain name.
Cliff Neil 10 years ago
Nice Video Mark,
You've done a nice job clarifying some of the finer details of clickbank!
Mark Ling 10 years ago
You're welcome Cliff. :)
Warwick Foster 10 years ago
Hi Mark,

Firstly, high quality video, thanks.

Secondly, nice to hear an accent from my side of the world for a change!

Thirdly, I was surprised to hear you talk about paid traffic for Clickbank? I thought the conventional wisdom was that you couldn't send say adwords traffic to a clickbank site, and that potentially Google would delete adwords accounts which tried it?

Warwick Foster
Mark Ling 10 years ago
That's not true at all, Google won't delete adwords accounts that promote clickbank products (though they will if you promote any 'grey area' offers like sattelite tv on pc, etc). You will probably pay more per click than you need to if you direct link to the merchant as you'll be competing against other affiliates for the same ad position, so you are better off building an affiliate site and directing your pay per click traffic to specific landing pages that target the keyword phrases that are in your adgroup. Hope this helps.
Marc 10 years ago
Some user feedback. I'm unable to select different times in the video to view. I normally allow videos to completely load up then come back to view different parts. I'm familiar with using clickbank to find niches but was hoping to pick up some tips I don't know about. But it's not worth it to me to spend spend 24 minutes of my time doing this. I have to view multiple videos each day and the time adds up fast. If this is intentional to make people stay here and watch the entire video, you should know that people can't be made to do anything. One can just go to youtube to find multiple videos on the topic. So gives us control of our viewing experience back and more of us will stay. You don't have to publish this comment, it's good enough that you have read this.
Mark Ling 10 years ago
Hi Marc, I tried fast forwarding through the video and it works perfectly fine. I'm using firefox. I'm not sure why it won't allow you to fast forward as I can't reproduce your problem on my computer. Sorry for the inconvenience, it wasn't my intention to disallow fast forwarding.
Mary Chicoine 10 years ago
Thanks Mark for the info on using Clickbank's new features.
Also for the Amazon info to check.

Your articles and videos are always useful.

Regards, Mary C.
Mark Ling 10 years ago
You're welcome Mary, glad you learned something from it. :)
Dave Maiden 10 years ago
Thanks Mark. I'm really learning a lot.
Mark Ling 10 years ago
Cool, glad to hear it :)
anthony 10 years ago
Hi Mark, thanks for the Clickbank tips for finding profitable niches, but as one normally has to write articles for the niche, without any prior knowledge of the subject, is there a simple way of doing this?
Mark Ling 10 years ago
Well you can outsource the article writing to places like Elance or Iwriter, I have a really informative video on this topic in the Affilorama Premium members' marketing vault. Or you can get reading and learn lots of information, watch a dvd on the topic, get some books and take notes, then use your notes to write your own articles. Hope this helps :)
Albet 10 years ago
Hi Mark,
Thank you for this post! I really enjoy this video Very Interesting. If you can make another post on promoting Clickbank products that will help us.
Kind Regards
Mark Ling 10 years ago
Will do, coming soon :)
Muhammad Akram 10 years ago
Thankz Mark for providing infomative video.
Mark Ling 10 years ago
You're welcome Muhammad. :)
John Brown 10 years ago
This is just a test I love your post!
Mark Ling 10 years ago
You're welcome John!
Dan 10 years ago
I like the marketplace on ClickBank and especially their new features. Good post. thanks man!
Mark Ling 10 years ago
Np, glad you liked it, I'll be following up shortly with a post on putting together a quick and effective affiliate site.
aras rizki 10 years ago
That was a great video

Really enjoyed the video Thanks
monica carla 10 years ago
Helpful info. Lucky me I discovered your web site by accident, and I’m surprised why this coincidence did not happened earlier! I bookmarked it.
richard 10 years ago
great video Mark
Thank you for sharing really informative info
Forgive my ignorance, but in the video you talked about finding keywords and there you used a term "to drill down "
How is this done in order to find more profitable keywords
all the best
salaka 10 years ago
hi Mark
graet video thanks for sharing

just one questions if you promote Clickbank product is it a good idea to put amazon and adsense on the site as well.

noel @ Outdoor Artificial Plants 10 years ago
Looking forward to the next post. I like the video. I have learned a lot.
julia skripko 10 years ago
hi Mark, i discovered you by putting my site on traffic travis and it showed that i have 3 warnings, do i need to fix them (i don,t know how and what it talking about). i am new but read and studied a lot, tied sitting at the computer all day long, and ready to give up. Can you look at my site and give me advice what missing and what to do to make it work? www.loveyourbodyagain, thanks, julia.
Shalisha Alston 10 years ago
Hi Mark. It's a great video as usual. Please tell me, can we use this method for AB? I've always thought that made sense to go after less competitive keywords but you said don't. Why do it now? I'm confused.
Shalisha Alston 10 years ago
Hi Julia. For starters, your link is wrong. You put a comma in instead of a period so I won't load. Second, if you put it in TT just tell me what it says the errors are and I'll try to explain it to you. By the way, do you have Affiloblueprint or AJ?
kas Kas 10 years ago
Hi Mark,
Just finished seeing you excellent webinar emailed to me couple of days ago.
Couple of things i wanted to ask:
1- Is the AM Automation tool available free to members if i buy the blueprint ?
2- I have a family member who will help me with IM work, when i become a member , would she be able to access provided only one of us logs in at a time.

Really enjoyed your webinar and my email is which is in your system already since i have been receiving wonderful material from you lately.

Best regards
Mark Ling 10 years ago
1. I'm not sure what webinar you are referring to sorry as I run webinars every week for different lists, so I can't answer that question without knowing what product and what link of mine you'd be purchasing through. If you are referring to affiloblueprint, then no, you don't get AMA with it.
2. With most products people let you have one other person log in, though I can't say for sure without knowing which product you are referring to.

Glad you have been enjoying the webinars.

All the best!
Paul Warner 10 years ago
A very informative video with little bits of information that I did not know so it was well worth the time. The thing I liked the best even though you did mention it, was that it was not on "dog training" which seems to be the only example that marketers use to teach us something. I hope that you do more of these as I prefer them far more than I do webinars, which I have grown really tired of the formats in how webinars are presented. So I thank you Mark for a wonderful video that I will watch several times more. Paul
monir saadatmand 9 years ago
Hi Mark, I am older person trying hard to make some money and I have a website,but no luck yet. Thanks for the video ,if you can please talk a little about and wedges how it works.

Bao Khau 9 years ago
Great video, Mark.
I want to find some CB products that match some sub-niches such as 'weight loss after pregnancy' and 'weight loss after 40'. Could you give me some advice?