What's the FASTEST and EASIEST way to build a profitable website?

Impress your visitors and boost your search engine
rankings with AffiloTheme

Since the Google Panda and Penguin updates, it has become even more important to impress your visitors (if you want to get high search engine rankings).

We can't write your content for you... but we can help you to make it look awesome for your valued visitors.

With AffiloTheme you get six professional themes (with something to suit every taste). You can swap between these on-the-fly to keep your site fresh - but they're all so great you might never want to change!

Other unbeatable features include:

  • Stunning slideshows - make your visitors say "wow" when they see amazing photo slideshows that you can link to new posts, affiliate offers, and everything else inbetween.
  • Header creator tool - Your site header is the first thing visitors will see. Don't risk having a rubbish header that will put your visitors off ever coming back to your site. Build a beautiful site and strengthen your brand with our exclusive header creator tool.
  • Modern, clean layouts - AffiloTheme gives you five professional quality themes in one; each of these themes has multiple layouts and color schemes. This means you can build your sites to taste, and make something truly amazing!

Build your list fast


They say that "the money is in the list". AffiloTheme makes it easy to build that list, fast. Here's how:

  • Quickly incorporate Aweber, GetResponse, or MailChimp into your site
  • Turbocharge your opt-in rates with attractive miniature opt-in forms that literally grab leads (and there's a whole truckload of different layout options available)
  • Create a "lead magnet" focal point to your site with fully-fledged squeeze pages - include pop overs, pop ups, and heaps of customization
  • Easily redirect subscribers to your free report/lead hook - or send them straight to a salespage for more profits
  • Take the hassle out of building your list - AffiloTheme brings the excitement back to your list building efforts!

"My favorite part of AffiloTheme has to be the squeeze page feature. This has made my life so much easier. Thank you Affilorama team!" - Stephen Putnick

Impress Google


If you want to rank well in Google (and other search engines) then AffiloTheme holds the secrets for those all-important first page rankings!

With clean and modern site layouts that come optimized for great SEO, you're going to impress Google... no matter which theme you use.

What does impressing Google mean for you?

  • Higher search engine rankings
  • A bigger, better list
  • More sales (and profits)
  • A stronger brand
  • Greater market reach

"Affilotheme is awesome. I like it for a ton of reasons...it contains all the options and flexibility you needs as an affiliate marketer." - Morten Lindbeck

Maximize Profits


Anything you can do to boost your bottom line is important. With AffiloTheme you can maximize your affiliate marketing products, without having to tear your hair out!

  • Prevent hijacked commissions and lost clicks with our conversion-boosting affiliate redirect tool
  • Incorporate effective pop-ups and pop-overs to promote your products or list

"I love the ease of designing the site- the page templates are awesome, and I love the clean look of the theme. Thanks for all your hard work!" - Gina Wintermantel

What do you get with AffiloTheme?



The Amazing AffiloTheme

Naturally, you get full access to the powerful AffiloTheme. This is your "one-stop shop" for creating profitable, beautiful websites. From high-converting opt-ins and squeeze pages, through to SEO-friendly layouts, you get it all.

Full Training

AffiloTheme is easier than drinking a cold beer on a hot day. But in case you want to get the jump on your competitors (and let's face it, why wouldn't you?) full video training is provided. One of our in-house AffiloTheme experts will guide you through every feature with high-quality training videos.

Six Themes In One

Why make do with a WordPress theme that limits you to a single basic template? With AffiloTheme you get 6 incredible (and very slick) themes rolled into one. This gives you unbeatable power and flexibility to create a truly eye-popping website!

Squeeze/Opt-in Creator

Send your list numbers skyward with amazing squeeze page and opt-in form templates. You can be up and running in less than 10 minutes with your very own 'money magnet' list setup. No other WordPress theme makes it this easy to incorporate Aweber, GetResponse, and other autoresponders into your site.

Affiliate Link Cloaking

By cloaking your affiliate links so they are shorter and more attractive, you will get higher click rates and more conversions. AffiloTheme makes this so easy by setting up attractive cloaked links in seconds. The days of ugly links and hijacked clicks are over!

Awesome Header Creator

A professional header image will make your site look a million bucks. Thankfully, it won't actually cost you a million bucks. In fact, with AffiloTheme you get free access to the awesome header creator tool. This will enable you to make a stunning header image with a few clicks of your mouse. Everything is customizable, so you can make a header that is to your liking.

Multiple Color & Font Variations

All the colors of the rainbow - and more - are available to customize your AffiloTheme powered site. Furthermore, you have full control over fonts and font color schemes too! WordPress doesn't exactly make it easy to change fonts and colors - thankfully AffiloTheme does!

Easy Layout Options

Switch between layout options just by clicking your mouse. If you're sick of having a sidebar, then AffiloTheme will get rid of it for you! Page layouts are highly customizable with AffiloTheme, giving you ultimate flexibility to make an awesome website.

Pop Over Generator

Popovers are one of the best ways to boost your opt-in rates, turbocharge your list, and get cash into your bank account. With its exclusive pop over creator (which offers maximum flexibility and minimum hassle) AffiloTheme will become your list's new best friend. Quickly integrate with Aweber and other leading autoresponder providers, then make an awesome popover that practically forces visitors to sign up.

Exclusive Members' Community Access

Great minds think alike and with AffiloTheme you'll get to lock horns with some of the greatest minds in the business. Join a vibrant members' only forum where you can learn amazing AffiloTheme tips and tricks, and supercharge your business.

Free AffiloTheme Updates

The times they are a-changin' - and so are themes. Whenever AffiloTheme gets an update you'll get free access and support. This means that your AffiloTheme installation will always be current!

Unlimited Support

Sometimes things don't work quite like we expect them too. Although AffiloTheme has been tested and tweaked for ease of use and rapid installation/configuration, you can rest easy knowing that you get unlimited access to some of the best customer support in the business.

Along with all the above, you will also receive:


Bonus #1: Custom Graphics Creator Tool

Great graphics are really important for building a successful website. Combining a slick site layout with awesome graphics is a surefire recipe for success.

With AffiloTheme you get exclusive access to a very powerful graphics creator tool that will help you make:

  • Stunning headline text like you see on professional sales pages
  • Confidence-boosting guarantee "certificates" that you can embed in your site
  • High converting order buttons to boost your conversions
  • "Add to Cart" buttons to entice more clicks and sales

This bonus is especially powerful if you want to sell your own products or bypass a merchants' sales page, but you don't want to invest in super-expensive graphics creator software.

This is seriously one of the easiest-to-use graphics creators that you could ever hope to find. Remember that slick graphics will take your sites from zero to hero in a heartbeat - with the AffiloTheme Graphics Creator Tool your site will become a true work of art.


Bonus #2: AffiloTheme Website Hosting

With AffiloTheme you get free (and very fast and reliable) hosting for one site for one whole year. All you need to do is add a domain name into the mix, and you've got everything that you need to start building a beautiful and profitable affiliate website.

This is an extremely valuable bonus, because you won't even need to leave your AffiloTheme account to get started with your first website.

AffiloTheme is your total website creation solution. I can guarantee you that once you use AffiloTheme, you'll never want to go back to anything else.

Having a slick, professional website that is loaded with your affiliate offers and opt-in forms is CRUCIAL to succeeding online.

But you need to take action. Without taking action, you'll never be able to get ahead (and you'll only frustrate yourself)...

If you use AffiloTheme, you'll be able to build a highly profitable website in record time.

I'm able to live the kind of life that most people don't even think is possible - because I've combined a successful affiliate marketing system with excellent websites.

And guess what I use to build those excellent websites? AffiloTheme!

To your success,

Founder, Affilorama

PS If you're ready to take your success seriously, you need to do yourself a huge favor and get in on this now...

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Here's what you get...

  • The Full AffiloTheme WordPress Theme
  • Complete AffiloTheme Training Videos
  • Private Members' Only Forum
  • Custom Graphics Creator Tool
  • 1 Year's Free Web Hosting

If you're not completely satisfied with AffiloTheme, simply email us within 60 days of purchase and we'll refund your money in a flash. You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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Frequently asked questions

HHow many websites can I use AffiloTheme on?

As many as you want! AffiloTheme comes with a license for unlimited sites - use it on just one of your sites, or one thousand.

Is AffiloTheme easy to use?

Absolutely! AffiloTheme is naturally intuitive, and when you combine it with the quality video training series and free customer support, it becomes even more simple. Most users get up and running in minutes.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?

AffiloTheme carries the standard Affilorama 60 day money-back guarantee. If you aren't satisfied (not that you won't be) then you can get a full refund within 60 days of your initial purchase.

Will AffiloTheme hurt my SEO?

Nope! AffiloTheme has been designed with great SEO in mind, so you can rest easy knowing your rankings are only going to head upwards.