Warning: The one step in AffiloBlueprint that will make you the most money

And why you might never get around to it...

From: Mark Ling

Dear AffiloBlueprint Member,

Before I let you into AffiloBlueprint I just want to take a quick moment to point out the most important thing that you're going to learn in AffiloBlueprint.

It's the thing that has the potential to make you more money than anything else you're about to learn.

I want to show you now before you get started with AffiloBlueprint because you're about to be introduced to a lot of new ideas.

You're about to see how I choose profitable niches, how to build a website, how to create content and get visitors to your website...

But what I find is that a lot of students get caught up in these steps, and they put off the next step...newsletters.

But speaking from experience... THIS is the step that has the potential to earn you the really good money. Because it dramatically increases your chances of making a sale to a visitor.

How does a site with a newsletter outperform a site with no newsletter?

Imagine you have an affiliate site that has a few product reviews and recommendations on it. Someone comes to your site, reads your review, clicks through to visit the merchant, and maybe buys something.

But then they're gone from your site. They'll probably never come back. So if you don't convince them to buy something the very first time... that's it, they're gone.

On the other hand, if you have a newsletter, you can keep talking to them even if they never visit your website ever again. You can email them and talk about the products you recommend. You can send them to interesting video sales letters. You have more chances at making that sale.

I would expect that a good newsletter should at least double your sales. At least. So if you don't have one... you're missing out on a really big opportunity.

Your website without a newsletter...


Your website with a newsletter


But here's the real big opportunity... 

This is how you can make the really big, big money.

You can email your newsletter list to tell them about big promotions that are happening, or new products that are launching.

For instance, if Valentines day is coming up, a lot of products will go on sale. Black Friday is a huge one. Christmas is a huge one. And there are new products launching all the time.

All you have to do is mail your list and tell them about it, and you’ll make sales. The larger your newsletter list, the more sales you'll make. This is such an incredibly easy way to make money, but it only works if you have a newsletter list.

So why don't people do it?

The problem is: It's either expensive or it's time consuming.

It's expensive to get the newsletters written if you're not much of a writer yourself. For instance say if you wanted three emails per week for a month, you'll be spending $200 — $300 dollars.

If you want a newsletter that goes for three months, you could be spending up to a thousand dollars.

If you want one that lasts a year or more… because with newsletters people will just keep buying and buying and buying... you'll be spending at least a couple of thousand dollars.


If you don't want to pay that, you could write them yourself. But that can take a really long time, and it can also be tricky:

Writing good emails is a skill. You need to be able to be informative so that you don't annoy your subscribers, but you also need to make them take action so that you get the sale.

So it's either expensive, or it's time-consuming. And so most people don't do it.


The solution?

I've seen this happen again and again and again, so I've come up with a solution. I've created a product I called "AffiloJetpack", which GIVES you these newsletters for a tiny, tiny fraction of what it would normally cost.

Choose from 18 profitable niches

Choose from 18 profitable, evergreen niches, including dating, relationships, self help, weight loss, muscle building, internet marketing, dog training, nutrition, survival, pregnancy/fertility ... and a whole lot more

Get a whole YEAR'S worth of well-written, high-converting emails

For each niche we've created 90 emails that you can just copy and paste into your newsletter sequence.

These emails are fantastic at building relationships with your subscribers. They are packed with really useful information, so people absolutely love them. But they are also filled with promotions — already written for you — so they will make you regular sales.

Just plug these into your autoresponder tool, and they'll do all the rest. All you have to do is get people to sign up for your newsletter.

PLUS 3 high-quality ebooks to attract subscribers

To help you get people signing up for your newsletter, I'll also give you THREE high-quality ebooks you can use as "bait". It would normally cost you $300 - $400 to get someone to write one of these for you, and I'll give you THREE.

These books also have your affiliate link inside them, so you can start making sales straight away.

So I'll give you the bait and the newsletter, and you just plug that into your site and watch the subscribers and the money start coming in.

I'll even build your website for you

AffiloJetpack also comes with free website hosting, and we’ll build you your website with just a couple of clicks. It’s so incredibly easy to get up and running.

We will even upload all your emails into an autoresponder, saving you hours of copying and pasting!

Works perfectly with AffiloBlueprint

AffiloJetpack is perfect to use with AffiloBlueprint: AffiloBlueprint shows you how to do everything, and AffiloJetpack does the hard stuff for you.

As you go through AffiloBlueprint you’ll discover all these steps that you can just skip straight over because it’s already all done for you in AffiloJetpack. If you really want to start seeing results fast, this is the perfect combination.

TODAY ONLY: Get AffiloJetpack HALF PRICE — Just $497

Because you've already purchased AffiloBlueprint, I want to practically GUARANTEE your success by giving you AffiloJetpack for just $497. (Normally $997)

AffiloJetpack gives you FIVE niches to play with, meaning that you can get a full newsletter sequence PLUS three ebooks PLUS hosting PLUS easy website setup.... all for under $100 per website. 

This the the absolute cheapest and most effective way you're ever going to find to get a money-making website set up FAST. If you don't believe me... have a look at these numbers.

(And yes, these are real, realistic prices that you would pay. I haven't over-inflated anything to make it look good. If anything, these estimates are a little on the low side for the quality of the content we give you..) 



AffiloJetpack vs Doing it yourself: Which is better?




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