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Transform your run of the mill Blog into a designer sensation... In just 3 minutes!

In this lesson we look at how to Transform your blog into a designer sensation! We take a look at individualizing your blog to make it memorable and attractive; after all, the appearance of your blog will have a significant impact on the first impressions of visitors, and it also plays a role in your branding.

Finding Themes

Luckily for us, hundreds of designers have produced masses of Wordpress theme templates.

A quick search on the web for ‘Wordpress themes’ reveals a number of excellent sites offering both free and paid options.

If you are serious about your blog, then it’s worth paying for a high quality theme from the site Templatemonster.com. The selection is vast and the options are unique, extremely well designed and easy to install.

Selecting and Downloading a Theme

When you have found a theme that catches your fancy, simply click the download button and save it to your computer. If you are going with the free option you may wish to download a number of different themes to try, so it can be useful to create a special folder in which to keep your themes organized.

The template file will most probably be zipped to reduce download time, so you’ll need to extract the file before you can start to use it. To do this, just right click the template folder and select the Extract option.

Adding Your Theme to WordPress

All you need to do now is upload the template file to your blog.

The simplest way to do this is to use an FTP software such as CuteFTP or Filezilla. Filezilla also happens to be free, which is a bonus for affiliates on a budget.

Login to your website using the FTP details given to you by your webhost.

Go into the file directory for your website and locate the WordPress directory. Within that directory, you should find a folder called 'themes'; the themes directory was automatically generated when you set up your WordPress blog.

Now just drag and drop the template file from your computer into the themes folder.

Activating Your New Theme

To activate your new theme, log in to the administration area of your blog.

Click 'Design' and you’ll see that the new theme you’ve just added now appears as an option.

To replace the default template all you have to do is click on the new theme.

You can view your handiwork by going back to your blog home page and hitting the Refresh button.

Your new theme will now be visible in all its glory.

If, like us, you downloaded more than one free option, you may wish to try several out until you find the one you like best.

Your WordPress theme is an important part of your branding, so be sure to make a selection you can live with for a long time!

Lesson Summary

In this lesson we took a look at where to find WordPress themes, and how to use them to transform your blog into a sensation with fresh new WordPress Themes. We mentioned a couple of places to find themes, including:

  • Template Monster

We also took a quick look at how to install the Wordpress theme in your blog!

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